Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Is it me? Part II

I was walking from the station to the office last week when I was approached be a gentleman attempted to give me a leaflet on GOD and Christian values as he attempted to stop me and have a conversation about this.  As I was on my way into work  and did not want to be engaged in this I asked if GOD would give me a 'late note'.

A few days and a weekend later he was back at it yesterday morning and I couldn't help pointing out that he was probably in the wrong location as people were either rushing for a train or rushing from the train to work! 

He pointed out that I could read it in my own time, I asked if it was available on Kindle to download!!!! 

He looked at me strangely and then 25 minutes later I happened to look up from my desk and who should I see on the CCTV at the front desk, you guessed, same chap.  Had he followed me , has GOD finally got a plan for me, I couldn't ask though as he soon disappeared out the door.

I asked Sharon what the chap wanted who had just left, she replied, " He said he wanted to visit the tenants to discuss Christian values and I told him that in fairness to him I wont allow you to do that as the Devil [me she is referring to - P45 or what] is on the 3rd floor and he hates cold callers, he gave me a funny look and left"

Again, I ask, 'Is it me?'

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