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Friday, 15 July 2011

Mr Fat has Got the Hump, Again

The other day I wrote that I had gotten the hump over a 22 stone (308 lbs] chap who wanted British tax payers to pay for his medical costs to have a gastric band fitted to enable him to lose weight.

Today I am writing because I have the hump over the story of a 44 year old American woman who currently weighs in at 50 stone (700 lbs) but is charging idiots, yes idiots there can be no other explanation for it, who pay her $20 for a 30 day subscription to her internet channel to watch her eating as she attempts to claw her way to an incredible 72 stone ( 1008 lbs)!!!!!!

See http://uk.health.lifestyle.yahoo.net/mother-risks-health-to-become-worlds-fattest-woman.htm


Donna Simpson wants people to watch her in her bid to become the worlds heaviest woman and so therefore presumably be able to claim her second mention in the Guinness book of records.  Oh, by the ways, she is also allegedly a mother to two, with one child only 3 years of age.  Apparently that is why she has already been mentioned in the GBR, as the heaviest woman ever to give birth.

Why have you got the HUMP, I hear you ask?  Well for a couple of reasons and let me give them here, but first can I say that I do believe in the individuals right to do what they want, if it is within the law, and if it is within reason...

Now clearly Ms Simpson is meeting the first criteria in that she is not breaking the law, but one has to ask is she.  On the face of it she can eat what she wants, even if that means she kills herself in the process, but she is a mother.  Again, like the article that caused my earlier rant, the paucity of information in this article is just as bad, is that down to bad or lazy reporting, I don't know?

It does not tell us whether she still has these children living at home with her or not, or what the age of the other child is.  Now if she has the children living with her, is she committing an offence by disregarding the welfare of her children.  Now it may well be that she is still capable of looking after them, to a degree but I would posit that she is not entirely capable and I say this from my own lightweight experiences at a mere 23 and a half stone.  I was a physical wreck.  I could hardly move without discomfort and pain and was wheezing like a set of bellows in front of a blacksmiths fire in full burn.  If I got down an my knees I had to make sure I was close to something solid to enable me to claw my way back to an upright position and then wait until I had recovered before being able to move, so how can she be any 'better than me when she is already twice the weight I was at my heaviest?

So, is she breaking the law, by being in charge but not capable [if they live with her] of fully looking after her children?

the second reason I have the HUMP is that she is clearly doing this for attention and is being aided and abetted in this by the GBR.  Now I accept that they would not have commissioned Ms Simpson in this endeavour, but they publish these records with great pomp and ceremony in their books, so they really do have to look at their own set up and what they should or should not be putting into these books, as they are, in my eyes at least  nothing short of being labelled 'hack journalists' with the same morals as those so called 'journalists' who have hacked into peoples phones, etc. Strong stuff I hear you say, but think about it. Here we have a woman who already is a minor cause célèbre.  I say minor as I have never heard of this woman until I read the article earlier today and I do have to also confess that I have not picked up a GBR since I was a kid.   But, are they aiding and abetting this woman in her bid and thereby aiding and abetting her in her eventual child abandonment through her eventual death, as that surely is the only outcome for this sad pathetic story.  If and when she achieves her stated weight, if she has not already died by then, she surely would not last too long afterwards, then mention of her weight  should be as cause of death on her death certificate, not a book that glorify's these type of absurd things, don't you think?

What about welfare services in America, can they not step in to prevent this, section her under some form of mental health law as there has to be some mental aberration taking place here.

And what of the moronic actions of those people spending $20 to watch this woman stuff her face for thirty days.  As I said, I am all for allowing people do do pretty much what they want, but surely spending $20 on this has to be one of the most wasteful things money has ever been spent on.  I can understand why you would pay to watch TV, such as Virgin or Sky and why you would pay to watch a sporting event through one of these operators, well cancel that no I can't.  You are already paying them a premium so why do you have to pay again to watch a football..... sorry that's another rant for later, but what earthly enjoyment could anyone get from watching this?

Apparently since she started this she has earned in excess of $90,000.00, this going to pay for her food bills.  Absolutely ridiculous.    

The final reason I have the HUMP again, is the sheer absurdity of the story and in today's climate of press knocking when printing stories that have absolutely no actual worthiness for their inclusion as a newsworthy item.  This particular story has been brought to us on-line by BT Yahoo News, but other than to get other fat people like me who are trying to lose weight. worked up about it, what made this organisation actually devote space to it.  Surely this is just satisfying another of this woman's greedy needs, namely publicity!  If Yahoo news and local news in her home state in America ignored her, or just informed the local social services that they thought their was a case for possible intervention, that should have been the end of it.  But no, they have to give her global attention, thereby probably justifying for her that what she is doing is acceptable. Well, I don't find it acceptable and I don't find it acceptable that news organisations are still devoting space to this type of stupid story.

What do you think?

Best Wishes 

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