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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Author Lee Child sells out, or does he?

I have to say until the link popped up on tweetdeck to Lee Child's Facebook page I wasn't aware of the storm that had been created by him selling the rights to one of his books to one Mr Tom Cruise.  When I popped over there for a look I could not believe what I was reading.

Mr Child's character, Jack Reacher is one of my favourite fiction hero's along with Reza Gard from Michael R Hicks, Thomas Kydd from Julian Stockwin, Scarecrow and others from Matthew Reilly, and I could go on and on, I really do like a good all action novel. But I am a big fan of all types of books and at the moment I am just dipping back in to Seamus Heaney's 'District and Circle a short collection of his poems, so here is what I said to the other fans of Mr Child who were clamouring for people to now stop buying his books, I really do wonder about people sometimes....

For what it is worth, here is my tuppence on the Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher saga.  I have just gone through the comments, and like most of you I also believe TC as Jack Reacher is an appalling choice, but this was a business decision, pure and simple.  Now here is what I wrote on a blog recently about authors and the written word "A book is a means by which an author presents to you the reader, his or her words in a way that allows you to visualise in your minds eye every detail of every character of every scene presented in full mind blowing technicolour imagery that only the imagination can present....always much more satisfying than on screen, to my mind at least." Now say what you want about Mr Cruise, personally I am not a big fan, but he has bought the rights and you never know, he may surprise you all and choose one of the many fine actors that you all are putting forward.  But really, many of you are saying 'don't buy' what appears to have been one of your favourite authors books because of this decision, really!  Read the books, don't watch the movie and continue to get the same enjoyment out of each novel as it appears as you did before this brouhaha developed.  Best Wishes to all and here is to many more Jack Reacher novels that I will certainly continue to enjoy.

Best Wishes 


  1. I agree in full force. The book is the book. I made the mistake of seeing the Bourne movies before reading the books...mistake. Bourne from now on looks like Mat Damon.

  2. Ah Kent, Fortunately I had read the Bourne books before seeing the movies, but I really did enjoy those movies which for me is unusual as if I have read the book first the film is usually a let down....

    Glad you dropped in for a look


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