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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dear Amazon Kindle

My wife bought me a Kindle as a Christmas Gift last year .  I bought her a tablet for her birthday and she has downloaded the Kindle app to it and in a couple of weeks has already got a dozen books on it.  One of our children also has a kindle as does her husband.  We, and our daughter and her Husband have  hundreds of 'written' books and we regularly borrow books from each other.

Once we purchase a book we are pretty much free to do with them what we want, including lending to friends and family or giving them away!

The one thing, and it is the only thing that does bug me with my Kindle is, that if any of us in the family circle buy a book, unless we are prepared to borrow the device from the other family member, that's if they would allow us to borrow it, which even in my close family is doubtful and impracticable, we cannot 'borrow' the book to read and we then have to 'purchase it all over again'.

This is something that surely Amazon can resolve by setting up a separate section in the manage Kindle page where family members can be linked and books shared!

I look forward to your comments on this.


This is the reply that I received.  Now 10 out of 10 for the fairly quick response, but what they are effectively saying, unless I am reading it wrongly,  is, that if, as a family you are going to have multiple Kindles or you are going to download the app to your tablet or phone,  then you should register them under one user and of course that means one credit/bank account for all purchases!  Now I love my daughter and my wife but I refuse to pay for every single book that they might want to buy and I suspect that they would feel the same, and why should we.

They do say however, that, "we look forward to offering this feature in the future."  But, how long is a piece of string, so I find that part of the reply unsatisfactory.  I am no technophile, but I would have thought that this is something that they would be capable of putting into effect fairly easily, even if it was a simple case of the original purchaser of the book flagging it in the 'manage your kindle' area of the site with the name and email address of the family member who can access it on their device.  Amazon could then send a message to family member B stating that family member A has made one of their books available for transfer to their device, or am I just being to simplistic?

Hello Tom,

I understand your concern in this regard.

Lending of Kindle books is not yet available for Kindle or Kindle reading applications on Amazon.co.uk. We look forward to offering this feature in the future.

I am extremely sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience caused.

One of our aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service and I realise that we have not met that standard in this case. Please accept our apologies.

Customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service and products we provide, and we are glad you took time to write to us. I have sent your comments to the business team.

Please feel free to forward further comments and suggestions about Kindle to kindle-feedback@amazon.co.uk . Each suggestion will be read and taken into consideration.

However, if you wish you can register multiple Kindle devices under your Amazon.co.uk account.

That means you can download and read your books on multiple Kindle devices as long you've registered each device to the Amazon.co.uk account where your Kindle library is stored. All available content will appear in the Archived Items of each device/app.

You can see all your Kindle content and send downloads to your registered Kindles or Kindle applications from the "Your Orders" section of the Manage Your Kindle page www.amazon.co.uk/manageyourkindle.

There is no limit on the number of times Kindle content can be downloaded to a registered Kindle device or application. Publishers determine how many copies of each title can be downloaded to different Kindle devices or applications at the same time so there may be limits on the number of devices (usually six) that can simultaneously have a single book or Kindle active content title. If the limit is less than six Kindles for a specific title, you'll see the message "Simultaneous Device usage: Up to X simultaneous devices, per publisher limits" on the website detail page. Currently Kindle subscriptions cannot be automatically delivered to the Home Screen of more than one device. You can download your Kindle subscription to another device from the Archived Items on that Kindle if both devices are registered to the same account.

The options for transferring content, and instructions for each option, are available in our Help pages here:


I hope this information helps.

Thank you for your interest in Kindle.

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To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help section of our website: http://www.amazon.co.uk/help

Warmest regards,

Balaji B.
Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company.

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  1. but if you registered all the family kindles under the one account then you could all download each book ordered (if you so wished)
    Is there not trust in your family to pay the main account-holder back if one wants a particular book and the others don't?
    Or is it a matter that ones reading matter should be private and unavailable to others in the family group. That of course will depend on the family...

  2. Morig, the point was that it should be easy for families to swap the titles. Now I don't know if, for example, my wife or daughter are reading something that they might not feel comfortable knowing that I knew they were reading, now we do discuss the books they are reading, but they may have a little dark secret, who knows, and should I know, not really, so it is not a question of trust. It is a question of making books available that have been discussed and that one member of the family thinks that another member might enjoy. If it was a book it would be handed over. I don't think it is something that would be to difficult for Amazon to instigate!

  3. not difficult I'm sure, but eating into someone's profits definitely... but then what's the definition of a 'family'...

  4. It's exactly the same situation with music, they want to protect their income. We are not meant to share and are tied in to specific devices. That's why I don't use iTunes and why for now I still read books made of paper. I love my tech but I'm not investing in a reader until they are much less restricted.

  5. This is simply about money and profit. There is no difficulty in them allowing for a family transfer...except....they will lose out.

  6. Emma, Soror, I think you are correct I do like my Kindle and I do still buy proper books=, but it is so frustrating, maybe they will surprise us and lets face it I understand that they are actually also looking at introducing lending through libraries in the states at the moment, so if they are going to do that then maybe there is hope.

    Thanks for the comments

  7. Both Kindle library lending and inter-book lending are now available for all US customers - http://amzn.to/njsWm2 - I have no idea why it's not available in the UK. For person-to-person lending, the book has to be lending-enabled by the publisher (not all of them are), and then it can be loaned out once for a period of two weeks. There are also websites like ebookfling and others that help connect loan-ers and -ees for free, it's a good start.

    Another potential solution (too late now, but still) would be to have a family account with each of your credit cards listed as payment options, and just have an honor system where the book purchaser used their own card.

    Still, I couldn't agree more with the basic point, which is that it's overly complicated and needs definite work. One potential solution would be to allow "family" groupings for residents at the same address, with laxer lending rules? Or maybe allow users to specify a small circle of lenders, say up to 5, that can't be changed?

    It's a serious flaw in the Kindle system, and this comes from a dedicated fan!

  8. Bekka, Great Info, thanks for that I may now go back to Kindle and ask why they are discriminating against their UK customers

    Thanks again



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