Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Asgard :the power of the talking hammer by Charlie Kennedy (age 7)

Had Charlie and Holly over this weekend and we went to a daredevil stunt show on Saturday night with them, it was freezing and the wind chill must have made the temperature about 10 degrees, but they enjoyed it, especially Charlie, who was wide eyed at the whole thing.  Unfortunately idiot granddad changed the lens on his camera before going and instead of the telephoto lens just had a normal one so the photo's weren't great, so won't be posting on that , but here is a taster

 Charlie                                                                                                                    Holly

Then today, after we returned from the park Charlie told me about a story he had written on his ipod, in the car on his way to visit his other grandparents.  He has still to finish it but I thought a nice wee taster from a budding author, well as an aside Holly says she wants to be an author and Charlie says ne wants to be an illustrator, but I thgink, and told him so, after reading this, that he could be an author and an illustator too.. but then I am biased ........

I just sent this over from his ipod and reproduce it here as written, and he tells me he is writing more

Asgard :the power of the talking hammer

image (c) virginiavirtucon.wordpress.com
Long ago there lived a black smith called Thor.He lived with his mum and dad there where called Lucy and Odin.He was there god he was a great man he cared for his people and respected them.One day a magical  dwarf came and the gate keeper said to the dwarf "no mini dwarf's allowed "the   dwarf replied "I am not mini"then the gate keeper let him in he went to the palace and said o great and mighty on please take my gift it is the lightning hammer so he told him what it did and then he shoed him but when the dwarf was shoeing him how to fly by accident it slipped right out of his hands and went strait to the door of the black smith when Lucy came out to do the washing she tripped and said to Thor" can you fix this hammer" Thor rippled " yes mum" every time he hit it he here'd a nose then he notes't it was hammer talking it was saying ouch and stop


  1. Awwwwww! I'm very glad Thor has a mummy and a daddy. And that he listens to his mummy. And that daredevil show??? Yikes! What were you thinking? At least the guy on fire was warm.

  2. Bless him, he just made it up in the back of the car

  3. Charlie Kennedy, you are truly amazing. Talented, wonderful, and too cute for words!
    Way to go, Charlie!

    1. He is indeed Marylin just like his Mom (and his grand dad too) xxxx

  4. Undoubtedly, Tom. You have a solid family tree, you know.
    I loved this post!


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