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Port De Soller Mallorca

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Film Review: Takers (2010)

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Takers is a 2010 movie that is in essence. a poor man's HEAT (1995) with Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.

Takers is directed by John Luessenhop and stars Idris Elba, one of my favourite actors, alongside Chris Brown, Hayden Christenson (one of my least fav actors) and Matt Dillon.

Like HEAT we have a crew, led by Elba who through meticulous planning carry out high risk robbery using shock and awe tactics, where no one gets hurt.  At this point, again as in HEAT at the beginning, they are of the police radar and no one knows they exist.

One of the gang is in prison and is released, we don;t know why and it is never explained, but there was clearly a back story as all of the gang despise this guy, but he comes to them with a plan for one big heist on an armoured car, sound familiar.... but that it needs to be done the following week.....

By now they are being pursued by two cops one of whom turns out to be dirty, but it wasn't the one I suspected, but again there was no real depth to the characters as there was in the previously aforementioned movie.. but did I mention the cop in this movie, like Hoffman, was separated/divorced and that he had a daughter who he drags around on a tail on his day off and he had her for the day.......

There are a couple of shoot outs that were not worth the effort and a nod to the recent American remake of The Italian Job on the attack on the armoured car but really it was all flash bang wallop and they would have done better making a 'new' movie rather than try to rehash a recent classic.

The ending was predictable and boring with most of the gang dying and the surviving cop lying on the tarmac of an airport, where did we see that before. I wonder?

My rating: A Big Fat Raspberry, don't wast your time


  1. OK - thanks for the heads up - I won't bother.

    1. Deff not worth the effort Kerry, even with Mr Elba in it


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