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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Apparently there is a positive side to being Raped!

I read a report in The Guardian on line today, that made me feel quite ill...

For some people who've been raped and had the baby, even if they don't keep it, something positive comes out of that whole rape experience," pupils aged 14 and 15 were told.
Wow, who would have thought that something positive could come out of being raped?  But according to the statement above, it can!

Well, I have to admit here that I am a male and I have never been raped and while, as I understand it, that it is predominantly women who suffer this abuse I understand that men too can be raped as well.  Of course if a man is raped we would not continue to suffer in the way that a woman will through pregnancy and the decision to terminate or not, that pregnancy. I also have to confess that throughout my 'thinking' years as an adult I have from time to time read about the debate over abortion and I have always felt fairly ambivalent to the question of abortion but generally felt that it is a decision to be made by the individual to make, and hers alone.

But clearly this is not the case as 'pro-life' activists have decided that a woman attacked, abused and raped and who had no decision in that momentous and calamitous act carried out on them, should then have the decision on what to do with her body and that of the unborn child taken away from them as well.  Why don't we just tell women to get back to the chains of the kitchen sink and be done with it, let them know where their place is in life!

The foetus is an unborn child but it is still just a growing organism, which if allowed to come to term will be born and grow into a sentient human being, yeah, big deal, look at the sentient human being who attacked and raped the woman in the first place, one might argue, and I would, that anyone found guilty of such a crime should be medically castrated and locked away for life.  Yes, I am pretty unforgiving and I don't care who knows it.  I am married, have two daughters and 4 of my five grand children are girls.  

If any of them were ever to fall victim to this kind of abuse I would have a couple of reactions and they would be:

  1. Have an abortion, if they fell pregnant as a result of this attack upon them as I would want nothing to do with this 'innocent' offspring of a twisted demented progenitor, and 
  2. If I could lay my hands on the attacker I would happily take my sharpest kitchen knife to his genitals and leave him bleeding to death

But not the 'pro-life brigade, and what disturbs me even more is that these people are being allowed into our schools in the United Kingdom to spew their garbage to our kids, read it here and they are going on to tell them that if they do have an abortion that they are more likely to get cancer, including breast cancer,

"The link with breast cancer is because if a woman has an abortion, particularly in her first pregnancy, changes have to take place in her breasts. 

And then just to intimidate women even more they are turning up at clinics harassing them as they enter and leave, including photographing and videoing them.....

I'm sorry for saying it, well no not really, but, these 'pro-life' people are, as far as I am concerned, just as sick, twisted and deviant as the actual rapists who attacked the women in the first place.   They are continuing to abuse mentally, the woman who have already been put through, I imagine, one of the most horrific things that could happen to them in having their dignity stripped away from them, being physically  and mentally abused and then these 'pro-life' morons continue to hound them after the first attack,  and many are doing it in the name of religion as well.  Very caring, I don't think so.


  1. I am so $%^&*@$* sick of men telling women what we can and can't do with our bodies. If a woman chooses to have a rapist's child, that's her choice, but if she chooses to either prevent a pregnancy or have an abortion, that's her choice too.

    Damn! Lately I feel as if my rights are about to be trampled on big time. There's some politician in Idaho (U.S.) who says if a woman is raped her doctor should as her if it's possible her husband got her pregnant. Gaaaaaa!

    Stay out of my body you bloody politicians!

  2. And just to top it of for you Julia, I also read this week that some African country has a law that if, after the rape, the man turns round and says he will marry his victim, then he gets off with it, she has no choice but to marry her attacker, and then be raped every day, legally.

  3. It's disgusting, Tom. Just disgusting.

  4. Wow, I read that line over and over again and still am shocked that teens are told that "something positive comes out of the rape experience." To even call it an experience is just... wrong.

  5. Youngman, thanks for stopping by. Yes it was/ is shocking and I am still reeling from the fact that our educators are letting this take place.

    It is also deeply saddening that anyone can even contemplate that an attack on anyone under any circumstances could have a positive spin on it.

  6. The attacks on the freedom of women to control their own bodies are deeply worrying. While currently it's more an issue in the US than the UK it's interesting to know that these pro lifers are getting into our schools.


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