Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Sunday, 11 September 2011

What I would do in A Second Life -By Mollie Ing aged 8 1/4

     If I had a Second Life I would make it last and make it fun like every one should and you have to be grateful for yourself even if something bad happens like someone passes away or you lose you most special thing.

     You should always be grateful that's my first reason now all you should know now is you should be grateful. but I shall tell you what I would do, I would spend time with my family most of the time ,but I WOULD go to the park and go outside the front with my friends twice a week.  That,s who I would spend time with if I had a second life.  

me, rubbing garlic and herbs that I prepard in a mortar and
pestle before rubbing it in my leg of lamb

Now I shall tell you what I have been up to tonight .Tonight for my dinner I am having roast lamb and I helped prepare it so in a second life I might be a chef.  Also in a second life I would allways make my dinners sea food like sqid and stuff like that.  In a second life if I was the qeen I would make smokeing band forever and homework band forever .now I would like to tell what pets I would have in a second life.now here they are I would love a hamster because my friend millie has one called bert and I really like so I would like a hamster in a second life.


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