Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Saturday with Ishbel

Had a relaxing day with Ishbel on Saturday and rounded it off with a meal at the local Indian restaurant, The Raj Tandoori.

It is a nice wee place and serves good food, even if it did start of life as the local public convenience, don't judge and anyway recycling is good for the environment, even of buildings, isn't it?

The day was pretty miserable weather wise, cloudy and overcast with a cold wind, but by the time we left the restaurant after a two hour natter, laughs and a shandy for me and the usual red wines for Ishbel, it was a thoroughly pleasant evening for a walk to burn off the carbs as we strolled home .....

Ishbel, always chilled with a glass close to hand 

Pilau rice, butter chicken, lamb peshwari and king prawn delight

The Raj Restaurant 


  1. Damn that food looks delicious! And who's the hot babe? Fabulous woman, Tom. You lucky dog.
    I love Indian food but it's the one ethnic cuisine I cannot cook - for the life of me. It's a real art.
    You know, I was thinking about the two of you this morning and about how you live where much of The Saxon Chronicles takes place. Wouldn't you love to know what's under your house?

  2. It was delicious Jules and yes so too is Ishbel. I usually cook my own ....

    Ockendon is actually mentioned in one of the first of those books and all the wee villages along the court get a mention someone is always digging up a reminder of those times hereabouts xxxx

  3. The food looks wonderful, Tom, and Ishbel looks relaxed and happy. What a great place for dinner!
    Indian food and living over hidden bits of history! Wow!

    Now all you and Julia need to do is collaborate on how you're going to accept your BEST MOMENT awards. Collectively and individually, you two write some terrific blogs, and if my mother had her memory and clarity, she would hug you both!

    1. Marylin, I have no idea how I was so discourteous in not replying to your comment on this post last year, oh wait I think I had just been given some disconcerting news, still, no excuse.

      The food is wonderful, if you ever visit we shall take you and Jim there to enjoy, there's always a spare room with us you know and I am always sending virtual hugs to you and Mom. xxxxx


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