Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Walk in the Woods

Had Jennifer, Steve and the girls, Mollie, Shannon and Lacey Mae  over this weekend and I am glad to report that 2 year old Lacey Mae seems to be getting over her screaming for no reason mode, that's a relief.

Any way the girls thought it would be a good idea to drag grand dad into the woods for a walk, with camera woman Mollie in charge of photography, including a couple of self portraits and then catching Lacey Mae later licking her dinner plate, sheesh, you can't do anything privately these days.

Oh, and Shannon had to run on ahead back to the house as halfway through the walk stupid granddad realised that he had uncovered the ham joint he was cooking for dinner for its' last 30 minuted in the oven and neither daft granddad or Mollie had taken their phones with them, why would we on our nature walk of course.......

Apparently when Shannon appeared breathless on the doorstep grandma Ishbel and mummy Jennifer had dire thoughts about granddad (I've no idea why they would think there was anything wrong with me ...) until she breathlessly informed them, 'turn the oven off before granddads' ham burns .......

Mollie and Shannon looking at the noisy Parakeets

Moody Moo Lacey Mae

A fallen tree

The fallen trees' root base (it was a biggy)

Mollie, Lacey Mae and Shannon

Headless granddad

Shannon can't resist striking a pose 

Pretty wild flowers 

A wood lice 

Look, it's me, Mollie

Little and large 

Pretty trees

Lacey Mae can't get enough of her granddads; cooking (and it saves him having to wash up too 


  1. Tom, did you go back in time? I keep thinking a knight on a black horse will magically appear in a photo! What a fun day with your beautiful grandchildren. And screaming is normal. It's either the terrible two's or the fracking 4's.

  2. Lovely pictures. I love walking in woods.

  3. Jules, these three along with Charlie and Holly are my mini knights, every time I see them my life comes alive with the light of their love. (Just wish they didn't knacker me so much, LoL)

    Poor Lacey Mae did have reason to scream though, as you know we have wooden floors and she was running to and fro hiding from me and then springing back round when she went right down on her chin, screamed the place down after the usual interminable intake of breath that lasts, seemingly for ever, before the scream came and ended up with a bruise like a golf ball, bless but I soon had her laughing again xxxxx

  4. Kerry, we are lucky this wood is right outside our house and you can take a short walk or a long walk and if we cross one of the footbridges over the M25 we can end up in a local nature reserve with some lakes. Love walking with the kids xxx

  5. Penny my darling it was lovely even although numpty granddad forgot he was in the middle of cooking dinner but in my defence neither wife Ishbel nor Jennifer, daughter thought to mention this as I decided to take the kids out, so I am clearly not the only numpty in this household

  6. Great pictures, Tom!
    And Lacey Mae is adorable. All your grandchildren are beautiful, but now that Lacey's night screaming is ending--AND she's licking her dinner plate--hey, it doesn't get much more normal, or wonderful, than this.

  7. Hi Marylin, yep Lacey Mae is now sleeping though the night and of course that is having a beneficial impact on her day time behaviour for the better she is such a happy bunny now and we had a great walk xxxxxx


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