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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Film Review: Star Trek Into of Darkness

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Went and saw this on Wednesady with Ishbel who I should add has a fancy smart phone and an Orange account.  Needless to say all you with Orange accounts know about 'Orange Wednesday two for one cinema tickets', but it can only be used if you have your phone with you ......  Ishbel, you know what I'm saying .......

So the second outing for Messrs Pine, Quinto, Urban, Saldan and Pegg in the genuis of JJ Abrahams Star Trek franchise.

Was it as good as the first, where he cleverly re-wrote history and changed the time line? Yes

Are the cast and crew putting everything into these movies to give us the viewer a great cinema experience?  Yes

Some Spoilers here 

As usual it was action from the beginning with Kirk and McCoy on a planet that was still in the stone age and the inhabitants worshipping a volcano that is just about to explode and destroy the planet.  The Enterprise has been sent to study the planet only but Kirk decides to break the Prime Directive and save it instead.  His first and not his last disobedience of orders and if anything he is even better at that than the original James T Kirk..... A sub text in the opening sequence is Spock being lowered into the just about to explode volcano with a device to stop that from happening and as usual in these circumstances, everything goes to cock and he is about to die - can he be saved or not.....

Moving along to Starfleet headquarters Kirk is demoted to first officer and Admiral Pike is given back command of the Enterprise.

Then we meet Mr Cumberbatch -latterly of the BBC's Modern Sherlock and a fine job he makes of that - in London, as the villain of the piece.  Abrahams uses a character from the original series reprised in the original movies and it works well.  Cumberbatch, for the most part is very laconic, but then, his on screen presence in this part really calls for brooding malevolence and he does it particularly well.  We then get a few moments and mention of an other original series beastie that probably falls into the category of 'everyone loves them and the episode' which if memory served also had an episode of Deep space nine 'dedicated' to them too, but not sure if they ever popped up in TNG, it was a nice touch and acknowledges the greatness of the original series and writers..

Ishbel particularly likes Mr Quinto and thinks he is so like Mr Nimoy, high praise indeed..... and I agree with her, Simon Pegg is hilarious as Scotty.

Overall a great 2nd outing for Mr Abrahams and the cast of this reboot and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  In fact I am getting worried about my Ishbel there was a time not so long ago where most 'action movies' would leave her as cold as a flash frozen fish newly placed in the hold of a trawler, but she is getting right into them and I sometimes wonder if she is garnering new ways to beat the s**t out of me as I keep annoying her or is it the 'hunks' that are attracting her? I'm still trying to find out who Christian and Sean are that she keeps saying she would like to be the ....... well best not go there.....

My rating: 5 out of 5
Ishbel:      5 out of 5


  1. Well... if Ishbel likes it... I'm such a snob when it comes to Star Trek - the original series and the original Spock or bust!
    But maybe I'll see it on your recommendation.

  2. Tom, you wrote one of the best posts ever with "Julia and Oscar." I've nominated that post (and Julia's "New Friends") for the BEST MOMENT AWARD.
    To receive this award, go to my blog and accept it! You can download the logo at MomentMatters.com/Award.

  3. Oh Jules, I have loved very one of the franchise although it did take me a while to settle into TNG. Ishbel likes Die Hard and a couple of other action movies (but I suspect that was more to do with the handsome stars, than the genre) but she really enjoyed this and Penny is hacking her way to the cinema any day now too xxx

  4. Marylin, you are a card, if it was just me I'd think you we're kidding me but not Jules and all those other fine blogs you have nominated

    Thank you my sweet I will try not to let you down xxxx


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