Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Friday, 10 May 2013

Update: My meeting with the Nice Doctor

Well I told you on the 24th of April that I had been into the local hospital for some tests and that the initial results were suggesting that it was something serious, as if a sliding hiatus hernia wasn't serious enough as it attempts to choke your gullet from the inside... what the hell. I know tit, right.

Anyway there was good news after all, I don't have a hiatus hernia, pauses for applause and to take a bow ......

But we got a phone call last Thursday, 2nd May to go in and see the consultant that I saw on my first appointment earlier in the month.  Once again it was confirmed no HH but that I appeared to have a wee bit of a lump at the bottom of the gullet where the flap should be that opens for food to be discharged into the stomach and that this was an oesophagus cancer tumour which actually looked quite large,  he even had some high def pictures of it and numpty that I am I forgot to ask for copies to show you all, what am I like!

Anyway, the scan I had earlier was concentrated around the gut area looking for the hernia so I was back in for a couple of hours on Saturday to have a full scan to give them a better picture, I can show you the mess the kid made of my arm looking for a vein to pump the iodine in, will that suffice for now?

So the scan has been taken and I am being referred to Broomfields Hospital for further tests and surgery.  Until they do that they don't know if it is localised or not but I suppose the scan on Saturday will give them a better understanding of what they are dealing with, me and Ishbel and the kids, well we just wait with me having my usual 'so what' attitude, which is getting on a few nerves .....

Anyway, took a break from writing this and have had the other CT scan but have now also been told to report on 15th for a PET scan too.  I must remember and ask for the photos so I can upload them!

Had a meeting with my GP today and for the first time since 93 we actually had a conversation, I have to say it was nice and she has told me if I fell bad or just need to talk to call and make an appointment .....

So, that's about it then, no problems, Aunt Julia tells me I'm going to be fine and if I die before hugging a Redwood in her back yard and having a serious talk with Jake about hunting mountain lions, there'll be hell to pay, so I'll be clinging on  regardless until we save enough money for that trip.

No outpourings of sympathy here folks, I am still as active as Mr Fat has been over the last couple of years, and in fact since been given the news, have never felt better, so I'll keep you posted with any gory and funny little happenings, there's bound to be a least a couple in this little development that will be worth reporting on even if it's the fact that my death is reported at the hands of Ishbel and not the other as she decides she can't take any more of my cheerfulness , what,  I only said you'd think that, 'after 37 years together that the get out jail card would have have been to a party and not the grave'  ... I think the slap on the head was a tad over reactionary, and it hurt too, sheesh .......  


  1. It's so glad to have you back, my love. Much easier to know what you're dealing with than live in suspense and suspended animation. I think this is promising. I was worried about much worse. And yes, Jake needs a good talking to!

  2. A man goes to his vet with a duck. The vet looks at the duck and says - sorry mate but it's dead, nothing I can do.
    The man says - are you sure, surely there is something you can do - what sort of vet are you anyway he was running around my garden this morning he can't be dead.
    So the vet sighs heavily and goes to fetch his Labrador - the dog looks at the Duck and shakes his head sadly before walking out.
    The vet says there you go mate- it's dead. But the man is still not satisfied so the vet gets his cat and the cat looks at the duck and shakes her head sadly before leaving.
    It's dead- the vet says and the man finally accepts it. The vet then gives him a 2000 pound bill.
    What! 2000 quid just to tell me my duck is dead?
    Well said the vet if you had accepted my word for I would have done it for nothing but with the lab report and the cat scan costs build up.

  3. Julia, feels good to be back and now knowing what I have even if we still don't know the extent of the problem, but it appears treatable, so far, so, I am positive for a good outcome xxx

  4. Oh Kerry, I almost choked on the tumour with laughter, this was so funny, that's what I want to see on the occasional update humour and laughter even at my expense

    Thanks you my sweet xxxxxxxx

  5. You are welcome - after all you've got to laugh haven't you?

  6. Okay, no outpouring of sympathies because I agree with Julie that this will be okay.
    Also, from the picture of your blood-bruised arm, I'd say you're my long-lost brother! My mom and I (and my daughter) all have the "rolling" veins that are a mess to take blood or use for IVs. When my mom was young she got to the point that she just took off her shoe and had them use a vein in the top of her foot!
    Anyway, Tom, my mom's philosophy (and you know you can trust her) is that when your arm looks this bad after they take the blood tests, you've paid your dues and it will all be okay.
    Let's go with that!

  7. Marylin, Yep, I know I can trust you and your MOM. This fight is just beginning and as I've said before I am a poor loser, so that's why I rarely do, damned if I am gonna lose this one my sweet xxxxx


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