Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Perfection is a dish self served!

As you go about your day and your life do you often wonder at the number of people who are critical of you and or others?

If you say or write something and maybe your grammar was a little bit off or your spelling of a particular word was incorrect someone seems to be waiting to pounce on you and correct your mistake, why?

I am not a perfectionist, in anything I do. Pedantic and sometimes Bloody Minded in some things and areas maybe, but perfectionist, no, not really.

Now, don't get me wrong, I really don't get upset when others point out my shortcomings, after all, I have spent a long time 'perfecting' them or as some might say, stumbling (or bumbling as others might say)  along in a perpetual state of ignorance, oblivious in most instances to what I have said or done wrong or where my grammar has maybe given an entirely different meaning to what I have written than what I apparently actually meant to say!

It just seems that with the advent of social media that more and more people are becoming critics, well of course I am one myself, you only need read some of my offerings to see that I am ready to criticise others! But, my criticisms are levelled at other things, the system of government, the state of the NHS, parliamentary expenses, the unfairness of life, etc.  And not at the individual, well maybe some individuals in public life for what they have said or done that I fundamentally disagree with.

I follow a number of people on social networks, primarily on Twitter some of whom I engage with some I don't.  And it is interesting to see the number of, in many instances, one sided tweets that appear on my timeline with someone of note whom I follow (now should that have been who or whom - do feel free to correct me, I really don't mind!) in response to something they have written that they then clearly have had a response from someone else who follows them correcting their grammatical or spelling mistake (!) and they, the corrected  and offended, do seem to take umbrage, judging by some of the withering responses that appear.

Also, it is correct to point out, I think, that some do point out little mistakes because they do know the author and do it humorously, as opposed to humourlessly, or just to wind their friend up and that is also fine too, .... but criticism for the sake of trying to appear better educated or more informed than the author of the item being commented on, no point really... don't you think?


  1. Some people make themselves feel better by belittling others. If I correct anyone its just in fun, plus anyone that's follows me knows I'm hopeless :)

  2. I promise I will never, ever correct you on Twitter. When one is typing quickly, one tends to make errors - and for the most part, I could not care less. The error I mentioned (not yours) was so egregious as to render me speechless for nearly an hour. Takes a lot to render me speechless!


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