Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Roast Lamb with a little kick

I have to say that I am not the greatest fan of lamb but I do cook it regularly as Ishbel and the kids and grand kids love it, so this is just one recipe for you to try, simple and easy.

This is only for Ishbel and myself today (Sunday 12th November)  so it's a half leg of lamb.

Things you will need:
half leg of fresh lamb

Half a leg of lamb or bigger if there are more of you, just the cooking time that you need to increase,
Couple of cloves of garlic could go up to 4 for a bigger leg
Salt and Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive oil

Assorted herbs  (if available) I went to the shops this morning and forgot to get fresh coriander and thyme which is what I would usually use but dried herbs are fine and if you have some mixed herbs a teaspoon of them will do

and for the little kick

* Coriander seeds about half to one full teaspoon (half a teaspoon for a half a leg) and a dash of pepper

Crush down the coriander seeds with mortar and pestle leave a little bit grainy
Add the garlic cloves and a pinch of salt and mix into the coriander seeds while dribbling in olive oil
Crushed coriander seed, garlic Extra Virgin oil,
and herbs

Add in fresh or dry herbs and give a good mix.

While I have been doing that the leg of lamb has been resting in the kitchen, out of the fridge.

Take the concoction and rub all over the joint, really working it in.  Cover with foil and allow to marinade for a couple of hours.
Herb and Garlic Marinade 
If you have bought your lamb fresh from the butcher ask him how long and for what temperature you should cook it but I would normally do it in my fan oven for about 55 mins per kilo at 180 degrees C (350 degrees F). As with all roasts if you check about 45 mins in with a skewer to see how the juices are; red, pink, clear, this gives you an idea on the cooking time and of course some of you may like it pink some may like it

well done like Ishbel the philistine!

Today, this one is just under a Kilo so, 50 - 55 minutes this should be ample time to prepare and cook your potatoes and veg.
Cooked Leg 

Once you have cooked it for the time you want take out and rest for 10 to 15 minutes this does work and makes for easier carving.

For the gravy: Pour a large glass of red wine into the pan and place on the hob . Bring to the boil burning off the alcohol and deglaze the pan,

reduce the heat as soon as it starts to bubble.  Best way to tell this, is once the wine starts to heat, have a sniff you will smell the alcohol and it will also be slightly vinegary to the scent, once this has gone , probably just after being brought to the boil you will have lost the nose wrinkling smell of the wine, you can add a good lamb stock to give  a great tasting gravy.

* If you don't want the kick use everything above except the crushed coriander seeds, still just as good!

On the plate with mash, Roast Parsnips and baby
roast swede
On-line conversion Chart  for oven temperatures

Total Prep time:

Marinade 15 mins

Veg Prep including peeling spuds: 15 Mins

Cooking time (for this size joint) 55 mins

Gravy deglaze and prep (while joint resting) 10 - 12 mins


  1. Oooh, sounds so amazingly British! Sending it to my son, he loves lamb. If you have a recipe for tiny lamb chops that makes them melt in your mouth, let me know!

  2. I like your pictures, must have taken a deal of wiping hands between handling marinade and camera! lol and though you mention gravy I dont see any on the plate! Perhaps it would have detracted from your culinary masterpiece!
    great idea
    I dont know how she did it but my mum used to make a half leg of lamb, do for three days meals for four persons each sitting..... Maybe lambs are smaller these days lol


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