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Monday, 6 February 2012

Criminal Lords CANNOT BE stripped of their Titles

Sir Fred Goodwin has been stripped of his Knighthood without having committed a criminal offence, others too in the past have been stripped of their Honours and yet (and I was not aware of this) CRIMINALS, members of the Lords, convicted of a crime and having been sentenced to terms of imprisonment (many of them a joke at our expense again) cannot be stripped of THEIR titles and prevented from sitting in judgement on LAWS that we have to adhere to.

I recently posted A Dishonourable System of Honours and noted that a committee of their chums had said, "that if they pay back the funds that they defrauded from us they should be allowed to resume their seats."

I heard another MP, sorry, forget his name but he was a conservative, on the Radio 4 Today programme last week, argue that they have been punished enough by having been sent to prison!  

This just goes to show how out of touch these people really are from the rest of us and what a cosy little arrangement that they have and that  they want to maintain......., protecting their own and of course themselves as many in Politics see the end of their political careers out as members of the Upper House.  So in that vein, they certainly don't want the law to be changed, just in case they are caught out and subsequently end up with a criminal conviction.  As it stands now, it doesn't matter; they can pay their fine spend a few days in a comfy open prison and get straight back to the warm cosy chamber wrapped in their ermine furs looking down with contempt at us and a system that can take no real action against them!

I am sick and tired of this and so should every right thinking person be, and so I have created an e-petition to try and force this matter to be debated in the House of Commons.  My Petition reads:


Change the Law to Allow convicted Member's of the House of Lords to be stripped of their Titles

Responsible department: Cabinet Office
Members of the House of Lords convicted of a criminal offence and imprisoned, can, after conviction and time spent in prison, re-take their seat in the Upper Chamber. I want the government to change the law to allow ANY member of the upper House, convicted of a crime, to be stripped of their title and removed from that body, regardless of whether they are sentenced to a term of imprisonment or not.
We, need 100,000 signatures on this, so, if you are as sick and tired of these people laughing at us, and enjoying the fruits of their Dishonourable attitude  towards us and our country, can I please ask you to sign the petition here and ReTweet on Twitter and post it on Facebook and encourage everyone you know to sign this, so that we can try and get the law changed.  Please also send it to your constituency MP and ask them to sign it as well, you can find your Member of Parliament by entering your postcode here.

This is my email to my email to Jackie Doyle-Pryce MP:

Dear Ms Doyle-Pryce,

I have started an e-petition that I will be circulating through Twitter and Facebook to call for a change in the law to allow peers who are convicted of ANY criminal offence to have their title removed and of course for them to be disbarred from sitting in the upper house.

We have seen Sir Fred Goodwin have his title removed, and he hasn't been convicted of any offence, yet members of the upper house who have been convicted, sentenced to terms of imprisonment and can then return to the chamber.  This is totally unacceptable.  I also find it unacceptable, that this appears not to have been debated in Parliament, or at least not that I am aware of.  It may be that I am being cynical over this, but it appears to me the lack of movement on this issue, by all political parties shows a complete lack of understanding as to how members of the public feel about this matter.  While MP's of all parties clamour for the heads of some bankers and not others, yet fail to clear up their own 'house'  seems to show that you are not interested in doing so.  Prove me wrong on this by a) signing the petition and b) raising the matter in the house and by encouraging the Prime Minister and your colleagues to do the same.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly as to you position on this matter.

The link to the e-petition is:  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29062


  1. There would seem to be a difference between a hereditory peer of long lineage and a government appointed 'lord' (appointed for 'good works') However neither type should be permitted to sit in the House of Lords ever again in their lifetime, if convicted of a serious offence. And that honour which is given and not inherited, should also then be removed.

  2. Don't care whether it has been given to them as a 'gift' or whether hereditary. Convicted, lose it.

    And as far as the upper house is concerned, they should be elected, and then we too would have a democracy....