Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

For the Zombie ladies, Penny, Julia, Jaye and Zcomposition

While sneaking off from Ishbel as she has me clearing junk, again ahead of H and I arriving from California later this week, I came across this posted on Facebook from one of my nieces in Inverness, who is also a Zombie freak,  Freak as in the verb and used in the nicest possible sense to describe some of the ladies in my life who have a particular love of all things Zombie and who are just a little bit frightening in their zealousness in awaiting the apocalypse with excitement so that they can start to blast and cut away in a blood soaked release of anticipation of murder death kill.  Mind you as the Zombies are, for all intents and purposes, already dead, it's OK to do so.  It's just the joyous descriptions of what they will do, come the day, that is a little bit scary and one can only hope and prey that they all manage to hold themselves in check until then and not let loose on the general populous in frustration... Although I think some of them may mistake a certain Ms James for a Zombie and despatch her, if met ......

So this is what Leslie posted over on her Facebook page that I thought may have the ladies drooling


  1. Love it! You could stand on the roof and pick them off.

    I think it needs a few window boxes. Zombies don't eat flowers, do they?


  2. Penny, my delicious sweet pea, flower boxes it is then and some sniper positions on the roof for all of us with nice big scopes so you can see the whites of their eyes as you pull the triggers xxxxxxxx

  3. Hey, what's the big deal? I already have to do this for yellow jackets! "I" has set up a screen system that keeps them from sneaking through any cracks or gaps in our main screens. He's so cool!
    Yup. When the zombies come, you head up the the Highlands and we'll head up to Montana.
    Penny - I can climb onto my roof from my second story bathroom window. Good vantage point.
    I think your niece and I would get along swimmingly!

  4. Good point Jules, and I think this would give you better protection against the yellow jackets, but again only if you stayed indoors, which isq not too good though.

    You would love my nieces, they aren't on twitter but they do like to let rip and in very clever dialogue posts

  5. Oh my, I do want that house. The only thing missing are the gun turrets. Seeing as the old man is handy as handy can be, he'll have that little deficit brought up to snuff in no time at all.

  6. Oh Jaye you and hubby can be the next visitors here then, love to have you and I have lots of wee jobs for hubby as I am completely kack handed at anything needing the simplest screwdriver to power tools, including paintbrushes and paper hanging, useless I am xx And we can practice on shooting the screeching squirrels and parakeets ....


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