Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Our Great Days Out Part 1

Although I mentioned in my last Mr Fat post that I had been feeling pretty miserable after the chemo at the start of phase 2, I have had to fight through it on a couple of days, well I didn't need to I suppose,  but it was better that I did, just for massive amounts of  smiles, hugs and kisses I got from all 5 grand kids as we have taken them out for day treats at the start of their school holidays.

Even when at your lowest ebb there is nothing more satisfying or guaranteed to make you feel just that little bit better than a hug a smile or a kiss from one of your kids and your grandkids, even Ishbel has given me a hug even when I didn't want one to try and make me feel better xxxxx

So this is just a few of the photos we have taken on those days out:

Summer fete in Woking Surrey With Jennifer, Ishbel and the girls

Shnnon has a perfect eye in for soaking a teacher!

Mollie and Shannon in a Fire engine with Mark the fireman!

Two of My gorgeous babes!

Mollie isn't as good at throwing, so decides the direct approach will do!

Lacey Mae loves Bubbles 
And the day was completed with a perfect home made family meal by Steve who is turning
out to be not just the perfect dad and partner but cook too, I taught him everything he knows!

Old MacDonald's Farm 

Lacey Mae will not let this duck have the last quac

4 Little frogs 

3 little milk maids

Let me in Mollie 

Look granddad, I can bounce 

the kids on the slide 

They insisted on KFC to end the day 

Old MacDonalds Farm is a great place to take your kids or grandkids if you live in the region, it's located near to Brentwood in Essex.  A totally interactive farm where the kids get to feed most of the animals and pet quite a few of them.  You can't walk more than a few meters without a hand sterilising wash point too so after every feed or petting of one of the many gorgeous animals, no excuses for not washing and keeping away any little bugs that may be lurking.  There are a number of small rides and play experiences too, with reasonably priced cafe and nice clean toilet facilities.  Dad Steve seemed to be particularly enthralled by the exatic birds, according to Jennifer and we do mean the feathered variety, but we promised no pictures ........ 


  1. Love it! Nothing makes you feel better than being surrounded by the people you love - especially the kids.

    1. Jules, The last couple of weeks, although feeling pretty crap have been much more bearable with the kids around me, makes me stop whining too!


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