Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Recipe: Cucumber, Mango and Mackerel Salad

I've got a couple of posts to do, one on the chemo and two great days out with the kids, but to be honest phase 2 of the treatment has left me a bit under the weather and I haven't had the inclination,  a bit like eating / cooking, haven't really got the inclination to do that either.

Ishbel was going to make a sweet and sour last night but I couldn't face it so I had some mackerel fillets and as I am making a lot of smoothies at the moment I have lots of fruit and veg and then I remembered I saw this being made somewhere, I think it was on a Rick Stein show, and as it only takes about 5 mins to prepare

What you'll need:

A couple of Mackerel fillets, cooked  -
You can quickly heat these under the grill or in a pan they only take a few moments either way - set aside

Half a cucumber shredded into long strips - use a potato peeler
Some strips of fresh mango - the mango should be ripe and ready to eat - put in the fridge for about an hour though to re-firm it and use the potato peeler as per the cucumber
juice of 1/2 lemon
2-3 tablespoons of soy sauce
Salt and peeper to taste
Handful of rocket leaves
Crusty bread for big croutons

Shred the Cucumber

Shred /slice the mango
 and add to the cucumber

add some Rocket salad leaves 

Prepare some crusty bread slices then 
quarter the slices 

 Heat a large pan, add some olive oil or good quality veg oil and add the bread

fry off on all sides to golden and crispy

Add the bread to the bowl with the cucumber, mango and rocket and mix in 

Chop and add the mackerel and gently mix in to the salad without breaking up the pieces 

Add the soy sauce and squeeze the juice of the half lemon over the bowl again gently mixing up.

Add salt and pepper to taste 

Serve up and enjoy 


  1. You did manage to cook. Hope it went down easy. Wish I liked mackerel... don't tho.
    Hang in there, Tom. You have an entire team of fans behind you.

    1. Barely Just my sweet xxx

      Take a leaf out of the lovely Marilyn's book and swap the fish, shrimp or salmon I think would be excellent substitutes

  2. Okay, you make it look so good that I will try it...but I'll replace the mackerel with shrimp or salmon, okay?
    I'm glad you're cooking--and I hope your appetite is good so you can enjoy eating what you fix. According to my best friend who endured 3 full rounds of chemo before it finally did the trick, eating good food and enjoying it with family and friends is half the battle.
    Lots of candles are flickering for you, Tom, and plenty of prayers and hugs making their way across the ocean.

    1. Shrimp or Salmon sound like excellent substitutes Marylin and I have suggested Julia fallow your example.

      Appetite isn't great, struggling to eat every day lost another stone (14lbs) just nibbling although I'm still working, left at lunchtime yesterday prepared a picnic and took the three babes, well 4 including our wee Jenny to a gorgeous park, spread the blanket had a picnic and then a few hours of fun great afternoon xxxx

  3. How did you know that I needed a recipe for mackerel?
    Sorry the chemo is getting you down, hope you feel more perky soon :)

    1. It's that special connection we have my sweet, what little hair I have left at the back of my head was prickling so it must have been you sending a vibe or it was just more of it falling out and gently tickling on the way down my collar, no I think it was our connection

      Hope you enjoy xxxx

      Bump in the road my sweet, I'm sure I'm over it now xx


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