Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Our Great Days Out Part 3

So, we have had Jennifer and the kids staying with us for the week and have had some fun with them starting with Mollie and Lacey taking me for a walk and doing some berry picking, it was fun.... Shannon decided she wanted to stay indoors on this one...

Picking and eating, oh joy!

A natural seat 
Time for a break

Back to Southend with Jennifer, Steve , Mollie 10, Shannon 7, and Lacey Mae 2 and a bit. Unfortunately Grandma had to work so we dropped her off and headed off.

Like Holly and Charlie in Part 2, Mollie nd Shannon made the cut for the 'big' rides but, and Mollie forgive me, you are a wimp and your 7 year old sister and cousins put you to shame but then you were always a more delicate wee flower and we love you dearly, wimpy or not xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anyway, who cares they had a great time and so did Lacey Mae and Grandad hitting every kiddies ride and whooping it up no end  and getting some funny looks and again who cares, with our exuberant and loud screams of delight and laughter as we gently meandered around the various wee rides from flying pink elephants to viking longboats to jungle adventure trains to the green dragons and the old wild west ghost train, loved every minute of it and it did take the strain from my weary legs and feet......

Adventure Island 
Shannon and Mummy
Lacey Mae

On the Dragon Boats
Shannon relaxed on the 1st fast ride,
 Mollie not so much!

Mollie decided not too..
On the Jungle train

Like Charlie and Holly, time for a break in the arcade room and Shannon found the pirate shoot em up like Charlie, dad Steve gave here a wee hand to get her eye in but it was only for a few seconds and then she was off like her cousin mowing down the pirates and assorted beasties and sinking ships and at the end of it her final score gave her the 11th highest scorer on the leader board.... I think Charlie will want to get back on there to beat that score but for now girls 1 vs boys 0......

Time for a break on the shingle beach and a bit of paddling and a soaking but it got worse when they moved back to the promenade and the water jets! Lacey Mae is still not to impressed about getting wet though!

Mummy nicking Shannon's candy lollipop 

just resting my eyes, honest 
Yes Granddad, I know I am beautiful

Me and my three babes 

that's close enough dad!

Mollie! it just shot up me knickers...
screams Shannon 
Ok, I'll give that a try too then! 

the drive home 

Another knackered wee soul 
Mumm's tub of candy floss 

A doughnut and an ice cream with flake 


  1. How fun! What a glorious few days! But where is the beach? And is the water warm or cold?

    1. Bloody freezing Jules, but kids don't seem to notice it bless em and it is Southend which is only a 40 minute drive away


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