Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Monday, 19 August 2013

Our Great Days Out Part 4

Told Jennifer and the girls that I would be home by lunchtime and that we would pack up a picnic and head out, didn't know where we would end up as hadn't planned that far ahead.  When Neil my local postman was delivering the mail I told him I was out in the PM and he suggested that I try, King George's Park in Brentwood, with all these facilities and it was lovely and clean with 3 hrs free parking too;

  • formal gardens exquisite in spring -time and beautiful all year round
  • children's play area
  • paddling pools
  • a unique garden for the blind with many flowering and non-flowering plants which appeal to senses other than sight
  • playing fields for football, cricket, rugby and kick about areas
  • bowling greens with 12 rinks
  • crazy golf
  • skate park
  • cafe

It is only twenty minutes away and having looked it up on the internet it sounded ideal for the two older girls and for little Lacey Mae and it was just a perfect afternoon.

Dug out the picnic basket, filled it with sausage rolls that Jennifer had made that morning, a couple of rounds of sandwiches, crisps, cheese (forgot the olives for Shannon and me) fresh fruit and drinks and of course the inevitable chocolate bars, which we didn't get around to eating! and you'll be pleased to know I didn't take that many photographs!
Picnic Time 

Me too!

Frisbee aka A Picnic plate or as the big girls call it
Lacey Mae, Fetch........ !

And she does fetch it too, bless her 

No problem getting her on, but try getting her off......

I kid you not,  tunnel is about 3 ft in length crawled through, turned,
crawled back 30 solid minutes, sheesh 

Dragons, again 

Purple lips from an ice lolly

Don't let me fall of the line granddad!


  1. You look good, honey! So do the munchkins! Nice weather too. But what is that I see in your hand???

    1. Would you believe it was my prosthetic finger falling off ......... Oops wrong hand but there is a plan of cease and desist coming into effect


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