Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Monday, 23 April 2012

An Unexpected Consequence

There I was, as I usually am, sitting with my thumb up my bum and mind in neutral.  Contemplating as I do, absolutely nothing of consequence, when suddenly, a tweet appears on my timeline, and here it is.

Zero Point grand prize nominees: @shayfabbro @WELinde @dimartin6 @SharkbaitWrites @tomstronach @ericswett @twistedscifi http://ow.ly/asxbW

On clicking on the link I discovered that Mr Umstead, in 'celebration' of the publication of his recent novella, Gabriel: Zero Point, had decided to put me and those other fine people (although I suspect they are all much more refined than I), up for a prize award nomination for reviewing or tweeting about his book.

Now just how cool is that.

The link to his site, just in case the link from the tweet doesn't work is here , and once there you will find links to all those other nice people too.

Now this was, as I said earlier, totally unexpected and,  well most welcomed....

You know me by now, I pick up a book to read because I think I may enjoy it and as I already had the mutterings and ravings of a lunatic blog in place, well I thought, 'why not share my views on what I have read here too'.  And so the book review section was born.  I don't think that my reviews are particularly eloquent, certainly not as eloquent as some of the books I am reading, but they are what I think at the time having finished my reading and so off I go rattle of a few paragraphs and stick it out there for folks to see.

To then find that an author decides to run a competition and through it open to his readers, and to include what I wrote, is nice.  But you know what, that's the thing about twitter, blogging and Indie Authors they all seem like nice people, damn them I like to have a moan and a grumble and they are making it difficult for me, STOP BEING SO BLOODY NICE ALL THE TIME, you read my bio up there on the right haven't you,where it specifically says GRUMPY. Well, you aint giving me any opportunities here folks to be GRUMPY and I am in danger of turning into Mr Nice guy and that aint good for my credibility, so give me a break....... PPppppplllllleeeeaaassseeee....

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  1. I voted for you, Tom. I can't wait to see you spiffied up in a tuxedo at the awards ceremony.

  2. Shucks, Thanks Jaye although I fear that the other candidates inclusion were more warranted than my effort.

    And, I do have a nice little Tux that Ishbel puts me in and drags me out to formal occasions on from time to time, I may even post a photo for you lovely ladies....


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