Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Nod from the Big Yin

I had another one of those strange 'meaningless' dreams last night.  You'll recall a couple of weeks ago I had one where I jetted off to visit 'old friends' who in the end I didn't know, thinking about it I wonder if that is a metaphor for Twitter and the friends that we make on line.  We become the best of friends on line and then if and when we actually meet,  we / they do not live up to expectations!

Well that will be firmly put to the test sooner rather than later as Ishbel and I are to meet an 'on-line twitter friend' and her husband in a couple of weeks time. It will be a fleeting visit with them arriving and staying overnight before travelling on to their final destination.  I am 100% confident that Ishbel and our 'friends' will live up to expectations, me, on the other hand, I always disappoint.  No doubt I will forget we have only really and actually 'known' each other for a couple of hours and I'll probably 'pick a booger from ma beak' or let rip with a loud fart or burp, both of which I am told are considered very off putting in some social circles  and no doubt will lead to me being censured by the delectable Ishbel (and wait until they leave and I get the full force of her ire ....) but we will have to wait and see and I am pretty sure I will be able to hold it all together for 3/4's of a day until they leave for their onward journey

So, back to this latest dream, I hear you ask!

Well, no idea what brought this on.  Religion has popped up in the conversation a couple of times over the last month or two but certainly not over the last day or two and I don't recall reading anything or hearing anything over the last few days that would have led me to the strangeness of the nights offering;

Something had happened to someone else where they had been censured by or outcast from their church.  I don't even know if I knew this person but for the sake of the meaning of the dream I suppose we must assume that I did, or it's a case of me just sticking my 'neb' in where it's not wanted or welcome, again!

Anyway here I was, in the Vatican of all places have a serious set to with a bunch of clerics and the meaning of religion and me throwing it up that the greatest fantasy novel ever written had to be 'the bible'.  Now this is clearly a nod to a blog post I read last week entitled, 'Should Christians write fantasy?' You can read that full post here I did leave a comment on the post but it was clearly to inflammatory to be allowed, so it may well have been that post over a week ago that brought on last nights dream.

So here we were, me having this verbal jousting match with all these clerics when in walks 'The Big Yin'  otherwise known as Mr Billy Connolly.  He walks right through and the 'argy barny' quietens down with the assembled clerics deferring to him, as he passes me he stops and says, 'Well if it's no wee Tam, whit the devil are you doing here? Yur nae causing trouble here now, are ye? Oh, are we still on for dinner tonight?" And before I can answer he continues on his way up a grand flight of stairs.  One cleric detaches himself from the group and stops Mr Connolly and asks how he knows me.  He responds by saying, "Och, wee Tam's a fine chap, bit eccentric in his thinking and disnae think he believes in God, but he keeps contributing to awe my charities, so he cannae be all bad now can he!"

At that point I woke up at 2 AM and went for a pee!

Now I must stress I do not know the 'Big Yin' nor what charities he supports.  I do give to one charity, for kids cancer every year, and I have no wish or conscious desire that I know of to become a member of any church or religion, been there, done that and even read the lesson on a number of occasions.  I do like a good hymn and on occasions where Ishbel and I attend weddings and such I am known to blast out in full untalented and off key loudness, just on the basis that if you are going to do something at least put some heart into it , and I love a good belter of an Evangelical song, but my views on religion are very much coloured from growing up, Parents being on opposite sides of the fence, time served in the Army and serving in Northern Ireland during the troubles etc., in the 70's  So all in all I have, once again no idea what on earth all this was about .....


  1. Oh. My. God. Let's get this out right now. I have a big butt so I never judge anyone. I know what you mean, but I'm not scared. You don't pull your punches, Tom.

    Your dream. I'm in love with your dream, mostly because of the unique conversational style of The Big Yin. I'll say this - he's telling the clerics you're just fine the way you are. The truth is, any particular religion doesn't matter - it's how we live our lives and the way treat others that matters. Doctrine is immaterial.

  2. Jules, LoL bet you a $ to a £ mine is bigger than yours....

    We can walk in front and act as a windbreak for the two 'I's.......

    So treating the three moms today by saying, "Excuse me ladies, I know it's the done thing to have your brats and then forget they exist, but would you mind getting them out of my bloody building reception (as they stood out in the street and chatted and had no business in the building)I was having as particularly bad day and I did regret, somewhat, saying it....

  3. Excellent work. see you,


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