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Port De Soller Mallorca

Friday, 3 June 2011

A Smorgesboard of Eruptions

Just a couple of things that have attacked my senses this past while that need to be commented on, well at least I think they need to be commented on.

E.Coli Outbreak  

Another tragedy occurs and is fast spreading and isn't it always the way that out of tragic circumstances there is always more to the story than the tragedy of people dying:

The poor old Spanish have been blamed for it without apparently a shred of evidence against them and then of course we learn today that the fruit and veg sellers in the UK have seen a 50% drop in sales of vegetables with every indication that it will continue in that vein for the foreseeable future.  So what happens to the 'eat 5 a day campaign' is that going to be rewritten to 'eat 5 a day but only when sitting outside your doctors or the local A and E department?

In today's Metro newspaper, buried deep within the article, one expert, and I got slightly confused over his title (read it and see) commented that he thought there might be a link to the outbreak through manure spread over organically grown crops! Well excuse me, but haven't the pontificating organic society been informing us for years that organic is better for us as it is better to eat naturally grown foods rather than foods that have been sprayed with dozens of pesticides!  Well if the pesticides kill off bacteria and not us, I say spray away.

Link to Metro Article: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/865084-e-coli-is-new-unseen-strain-as-fears-grow-over-four-new-cases-in-britain

Apparently this is a new super strain of bacteria never before seen, and it is causing consternation around the world, and rightly so, but it strikes me that while there is a need for people to be informed that this bacteria is out there and contracting it could lead to death, should the information provided to us by the media not be confined to the facts and sensible information in regard to hygiene precautions that we should all be taking, rather than spreading unsubstantiated information and supposition.  In cases like this the media itself can probably be likened to a bacterial spread. Of course the difference between the new form of E.Coli bacteria and the Media bacteria is, that one is new and unknown with no known form of treatment and the other is old and tired that spreads also uncontrollably but also with no known form of treatment until after the damage has been done.

Government Not Fit For Purpose - 1 

Lord Taylor convicted and sent to prison.  Lord Hanningfield convicted and awaiting sentencing, likely to be sent to prison.  Lord Archer convicted and sent to prison.  Now the obvious connection is that they are all 'Lords' and they are,likely to, or have been convicted in the courts of criminal offences and have done, probably will do and are doing time at HM Prisons.

Now here is a question for you, what is the role of the Lords in the UK Parliament.  Well my basic understanding of it is this;

Our elected members of Parliament sit in the House of Commons and the 'elected' government of the day tries to pass 'Bills' which they want to be enacted as laws. To do this they must pass the 'bill' through the House [with MPS variously opposing it, tabling amendments to it whatever.  At some point the 'bill' then goes to the House of Lords and the Lords in all their unelected glory and power then have to debate, discuss, amend, etc, etc, etc. Eventually, the 'bill' will then be passed back to the House of Commons as it is, ready to be presented to an unelected monarch to sign off into law, or passed back with amendments that the government may or may not like.

My point is That the Lords are unelected, three of them have been convicted of crimes BUT and it is a big BUT, once they have served their time, they can take up where they left off.  In other words these UNELECTED CRIMINALS can go straight back into the House of Lords and sit in judgement on 'bills' that can be turned into Law that we must observe, but that they feel they are above, and of course they can claim and be be 'paid' up to £300.00 per day.

Is it not also interesting that since becoming Prime Minister, David Cameron has created MORE Life Peers than any other PM in living memory, 117 in a single year, see link:


One can see the logic of why he has done this, from a purely sterile point of view, he wants to tip the balance of power in the Lords to his party's favour. But in the 21st century why are we as a nation allowing this kind of feudal system still to operate. Every right minded adult in the UK should be offended by the fact that unelected people are sitting in our parliament and deciding what laws we have to abide by.

On the one hand the Prime Minister and his Deputy Dawg, Nick Clegg have formed a coalition to govern us, in a much fairer way than previous governments, or so the underlying message appears to be, and in so doing, they want it to be an inclusive and Big Society with fairness for all.  Well,what is fair about one man and his dawgs appointing people to be part of our government without giving us a say in their appointment.  Then to top it all when they commit a Criminal Act, and if we are lucky enough to find out about it, and then if the police and CPS bring charges and they are brought to court, found guilty, convicted and sentenced, IT DOESN'T BLOODY MATTER, BECAUSE AS SOON AS THEY WALK OUT OF THE COSY OPEN PRISON THEY WERE, HAVE, PROBABLY WILL BE SENT TO, they can walk straight back into the House, and claim their allowance. IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AND STOPPED NOW. 

  1. All convicted members of the House of Lords, should immediately be stripped of their Titles and Privileges’, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW

And lets not forget that it isn't just Unelected members of the Lords who are at it.  Elected Members of parliament as we know are at like bunnies in a warren, stealing and fiddling, that is, not sure about the other 


  1. And we also learn that in a two month period the noses are still firmly buried in the rough with MPs racking  up £3.2mllion in expenses in two months.  I have to say that I have absolutely no objection to expenses being claimed back, and for the MP claiming for a newspaper, why not, chap I do work for wants me to keep an eye out in the local press for articles on the business/ area and I purchase the paper each day and send him a bill once a month for the cost plus 20% mark up, no problem, no issue, but the level of expenses and the vast array of items claimed for is scandalous, by any standard, and all of this while we are being taxed and hammered into the ground.

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/865170-mps-rack-up-3-2mllion-in-expenses-in-two-months#ixzz1ODDM6xgZ

Government Not Fit For Purpose - 2

I learned this week that the Immigration service has effectively given an amnesty to tens of thousands of Illegal Immigrants, see story link:

Now I have absolutely no problem with controlled immigration into this or any other country, but when we know that many visitors to this country are likely to become illegal immigrants purely based on the fact that they and every one else knows, that we are a soft touch vis-a-vis benefits and housing, it is ridiculous to allow this situation to be mismanaged in the way that it clearly is.  

The bleeding hearts out there who belong to all of the organisations that promote love and tolerance to all, really do need to be ignored.  Human rights activists who complain about DNA databases being an infringement of the individuals right to be able to go about their business, whether it is legal or not, need to wake up and smell the roses.

Every single person in the country should be on a DNA database and every child born in the country should have their DNA added to that database.  An extension to that should be EVERY SINGLE PERSON ENTERING THE COUNTRY, SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW, TO HAVE A SAMPLE TAKEN FROM THEM, AT THEIR POINT OF ENTRY INTO THE COUNTRY AND THIS SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE DNA DATABASE.

If, and when, someone is suspected of being an illegal immigrant their DNA can be checked against that recorded at the time of entry, and if found to have overstayed their allotted time, they can be summarily deported, there should be no ifs, buts or doubts, and if a DNA Database was employed, there wouldn't be.

An introduction of this system, must surely, be a way to control immigration, crime and ultimately save millions, and of course the first £1m saved, would be the salary of the incompetent boss of the service and then save a few more bob by sacking the minister in charge of this appalling situation.

The above are just a couple of the items that have got up my nose and surely shows that we have indeed got ourselves A GOVERNMENT THAT IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE

The almost final item, I will leave you with a feel good story, promise, (if you have managed to stay the course so far) in my rant is one item concerning Egypt, but it should be taken in context with this, and other Western governments newly found desire to militarily promote democracy in countries that have never had democracies, probably will never have proper democracies in the true sense of the word and do nothing but place the rest of us 'In the Line of Fire' from terrorists and disaffected nationals of other countries. HOW CAN WE PROMOTE DEMOCRACY WHEN WE ALLOW OUR SITTING PRIME MINISTER TO MAKE APPOINTMENTS OF UNELECTED MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS - THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN THAT SYSTEM.

Come on, democracy seemed to have won the day earlier this year in Egypt when dissidents called for the down fall of a President Mubarak.  Britain and its allies actively supported Mubarak for years and then like a chameleon changed its colours and supported the dissidents.  What do we get,we get a country run by the generals who believe it is acceptable to drag women of the street and mentally rape them while subjecting them to god knows what horrible tests to determine whether they are still virgins.


This leaves me with two thoughts and these are:

  1. Why is our government supporting these animals, and 
  2. Don't you wish the people, who are doing this, that their mothers had remained virgins!  


Did you here about the 90 year old who had a fling with a 40 year old toy boy and out of this fling there was indeed, and against expectations, a love child, Love, what more can you say about it....


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