Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Politics and Rants

This is where I am going to let go and get things off my chest whether it be on politics or anything else that has got under my skin.  Don't be shy, if what I say moves you to a rant, get it off your chest too and leave a comment....  

Immigration Debate EDF Energy, I just can't stop myself .....
The debate on gambling, what's your take?
On the one hand I feel guilty, on the other, not so much.....
Samsung - I get there in the end - but not happy (and Marie's OCD)
More Foreign Aid Planned by UK Govt: To European Road Users!
Essex County Council - Social Workers - How can you be so incompetent?
PRISM - GCHQ/NSA, Who Gives a Flying F**K?
Guest blogger: Ian Beckett - Suicide is anything but Painless; so why WOW?
Aid, I need Aid! Essex PCC wants more money - A Response
Lance Armstrong and Cheating....
Careful - An Update
Time to Burn Down National Governments
tesco, you really are a bunch of arseholes
No More Freedom
The Guardian wants you to be taxed for using the internet!
Essex Police: Incompetent or just plain lazy
Twitter, Apps and iTunes
British Gas or the Inquisition - is there a difference?
The Real Cost of Out of Control Capitalism!
The Shame of the Irish Catholic Church: Update
The Shame of the Irish Catholic Church
Private Policing in the Uk, is it New?
A Labour Lefties Definition of Slavery
The Difference between a Labour and Conservative Run Authority
An Open Letter to Councillor Andy Smith (L) Thurrock
The Mistrust Within - Will it Lead to an (new) Implosion of the Labour Party?  
Should Voting be Compulsory?
London Metropolitan Police - Baton Rounds 
The Shame of the Irish Catholic Church
Who Did I Vote for in The 2012 Local Elections
Another Reason Why I hate British Gas /Centrica (swear alert)
Who will you vote for in the 2012 local Elections?
Apparently there is a Positive Side to Being Raped!
Social Housing Sell Off - Conservatives Never learn from Past Mistakes
Firefighters and Policewomen
Letter Mr David Cameron Prime Minister

Are 18- 19 yr olds to young for Politics?
Do you get Abused or Bullied on Twitter?
Is it Me? Football Club Administration
Essex Police to Replace Human Cops with 'RoboCop Athena'
Criminal Lords cannot be stripped-of their titles
The NHS are you worried, you should be
Its all about delivery - A response to a Speech by Grant Shapps MP
A Dishonourable System of Honours
Parking - When it is just plain wrong but a newspaper seems to think otherwise
A Question for Scots
Jeremy Clarkson Should He Be Sacked
Have I lost my Sense of humour or are others just mean spirited -Good Mom Bad Mon and some TiT called Jimmy Kimmell
Leveson VS McCarthyism
The Stir- Sasha Brown-Worsham Doesn't Write on Bathroom walls, Really!
Do Despotic Rulers Still Have Human Rights?
Scottish Independence
Lesley, My Niece has a Grammatical Rant
A BBC Radio Reporter and a Journalist Annoy Me
How do you feel about the Niqab
Disabled Homes for Servicemen
Junk Mail
Kettling - is this police tactic wrong
An Open Letter to The Right Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC MP
NHS- An Update
British Gas Business -Don't You Just Hate..
Letter to Jackie Doyle-Price MP
Update to my day in the office
Jody McIntyre - Police Brutality
My Day in The Office
Dogs and their Idiot Owners
The Society Debate - respect and Teachers
These Green and Pleasant Lands
Response to Callum Jones
Parenting in a Modern Society
Sunday Trading Laws
Is an Immoral Press our Fault?
A Smorgesboard of Eruptions
Is there a Housing Shortage
NHS Anger at Time wasters
AV or not to AV
21st Century Beggars