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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Book Review: In Plain Sight by C.J. Box

Joe Pickett books - Wow


What can I say that I haven't said before people! If you haven't started reading the Joe PICKETT novels by this author, you really are missing out on a good reading experience...

When we last left Joe he had just returned from assignment to another district where he ended up shooting a legendary game guide, fell out big time with the next  director of the Wyoming Game Service and arrested for almost punching the American Vice President this guy just can't keep out of trouble.  Added to that he had feelings for another woman, which we were all glad he didn't act on and then he also discovered that Marybeth, his long suffering wife had also had feelings for Nate ROMANOWSKI, which neither acted on.  Good lord but life in Wyoming is getting even more complicated than it has been.

IN PLAIN SIGHT introduces us to a new danger that threatens the whole family in the form of a deranged sole living survivor of the long departed KEELEY family who you may recall also had a daughter that the PICKETT’s tried to adopt, but before they could, she too died in tragic circumstances, something the family have never really recovered from.

So, John Wayne KEELEY is released from a five year prison sentence, where he has become more and more convinced that the reason he is the only survivor of the KEELEY clan is solely down to Joe PICKETT, and so heads North to exact revenge.

While he heads North, things in Saddlestring are beginning to fall apart as Opal SCARLETT, matriarch of the Thunderhead Ranch the biggest and oldest ranch in the valley goes missing.  She has been the glue and the buffer of the family, holding them together at the same time as setting her sons against each other as youngsters to determine who would be the strongest and meanest, and therefore able to take over the ranch and business when she dies.

The town of Saddlestring is split down the middle as the blue collar brigade come out in favour of Arlen SCARLETT, the oldest and most articulate of the brothers who is also the majority leader in the state senate, with the bars and labour faction on the side of Hank, Arlen’s younger brother.  A third brother, Wyat, is in the mix but he is despised by both the elder brothers and is the local joke for his simpleton and strange ways.

A dead Millers weasel is pinned to the PICKETT’s front door, four Elk are killed and decapitated, the carcasses left in town and the heads shoved onto fence posts outside the PICKETT house.  Nate ROMANOWSKI has been missing for six months and Joe is fighting his new boss, Randy POPE, at every turn.  He won't let Joe do anything without first getting permission.  Then, all hell breaks loose as the drought is broken, the river is in flood cutting off everyone from everyone else and the PICKETT girls are kidnapped... AND Joe crosses another line

Yet again Mr Box writes in an easy flowing manner, a book full of suspense and danger, involving a good man and his family, a family who are growing up and teenage rebellion is in the air, he continues to deliver a consistently great readable story.  You just can't stop turning pages.....

I am slowly getting there with these books, however as they are such a joy to read I am tending to keep those I have still to read in reserve, for that moment, where I know I want something special to read and I know I will get it from Mr Box through Joe PICKETT and his family

Book 1 - Open Season                
Book 2 – Savage Run                 

Book 3 – Winterkill                      

Book 4 – Trophy Hunt                

Book 5 – Out of Range               

Book 6 – In Plain Sight               

Book 7 – Free Fire
Book 8 – Blood Trail
Book 9 – Below Zero
Book 10 – Nowhere to Run
Book 11 – Cold Wind
Book 12 – Force of Nature

Editing for Kindle: 5 out of 5
Reading Enjoyment: 5 out of 5 
Plot: 5 out of 5
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5


  1. Damn you! My TBR pile is already enormous!

  2. Tom: I enjoy the hell out of your reviews. Thanks for posting them.
    C.J. Box

  3. Mr Box,Sir,

    Your kindness and thoughtfulness in both visiting and commenting is humbling. TYSM


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