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Hi, I like to read and then when I started this blogging lark I thought why not share my thoughts on the books that I'm reading with others.  Nothing fancy, just what I thought of the book at the time with no intricate deconstruction of the writing style or prose contained.  You'll have to go elsewhere for that if that's what your looking for.

Occasionally I may be moved to post something on a movie that I have seen and whether I think it was good bad or indifferent ........

If you click on any of the links below to any of the reviews, why don't you leave me a comment, or if what I have written tempts you to go get the book and you read it, or if you agree or disagree with anything I say, why not pop back afterwards and leave a comment then too, whether you agreed with me, or not; Happy Reading/ Watching;

Book Review: The Book of Shadows by Alexandra Sokoloff
Book Review: A LUMBERJACKY CHRISTMAS by Penny Watson
Isle of Wight Literary Festival
Book Review: Second Son by Lee Child
Film Review: Les Miserables 2012
Book Review: Overtime In the Woods by Ryan Sean O'Reilly
Book Review: Lucy The Wonder Weenie by Nina Clark
Book Review: Nothing Lasts Forever By Roderick Thorp
Film Review: Takers (2010)
Book Review: Henry Wood Detective Agency By Brian D Meeks
Film Review: Star Trek Into of Darkness
Book Review: In Her Name: The First Empress Trilogy - Forged in Flame By Michael R Hicks
Film Review: A Good Day To DIE HARD
Book Review: Force of Nature (Joe Pickett 12) By C.J. Box
Book Review: Cold Wind by C.J. Box
Book Review: Nowhere To Run by C.J. Box
Film Review: The Hunger Games by Shannon Ing, age 6 
Book Review: Incorporeal By Julia R Barrett
Book Review: Gabriel's Revenge (Evan Gabriel Trilogy) Book 3 By Steve Umstead
Book Review: Zombies take Manhattan! by Marina Bridges
Book Review; Standing in Another Man's Grave: A John Rebus Novel by Ian Rankin
Book Review; Betrayal by Julian Stockwin
Book Review: Bitter Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 2) by Michael R Hicks
Book Review: Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell
Book Review: A Game of Proof by Tim Vicary 
Book Review: Gabriel's Return by Steve Umstead
Book Review: Valley Walker. By TW Dittmer
Book Review: Below Zero by C.J. Box
Film Review: Batman Dark Knight Rises
Book Review: WRATH by Kirkus MacGowan
My quirky intro to Jack Reacher novels
Book Review: August Heat (Montalbano 10) by Andrea Camilleri
Guest Blogger - Mollie Ing aged 9 on books 
Film Review: Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance 
Book Review: The Eldridge Conspiracy by Stephen Ames Berry
Book Review: Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00  by CR Hiatt
Doughnuts for Amy by John Malik (Promotion)
Book Review: Blood Trail by C.J. Box
Book Review: Free Fire by C.J. Box 
Book Review: The Affair by Lee Child
Book Review: Convergent Space by John Paul Cleary
Book Review: Suite Assumptions by JW Manus
An Unexpected Consequence
Book Review: The Blood Upon The Rose by Tim Vicary
Book Review: Gabriel: Zero Point by Steve Umstead
Book Review: Dull Knife by C.J Box (with additional comment)
Book Review: Gabriel's Redemption by Steve Umstead
Book Review: In Plain Sight by C.J. Box
Book Review: In Her Name: From Chaos Born by Michael R Hicks
Book Review: Poems of Love and Hate by Julia R Barrett [an Outstanding read]
Book Review: Money is Thicker Than Blood....Murder in The SEC by Stephen Woodfin
Book Review: Is It Spicy? by J R Barrett
Book Review: The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O'Bryan
Book Review Lunara: Seth and Chloe by Wyatt Davenport
Book Reviews, Should you always do a review on a book you Read?
Book Review: Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves by Matthew Reilly
Authors, please take note, one of my niece's is angry (again)!
Untitled two
Book Review: Final Assault By Stephen Ames Berry
Book Review: The Battle for Terra Two by Stephen Ames Berry
Book Review: The Perils of Morning Coffee: An Isabel Dalhousie story by Alexander McCall Smith
Book Review: Out of Range - c.j. Box
Book Review: Trophy Hunt - c.j. Box
Book Review: The Fall of Billy Hitchings - Kirkus MacGowan
Book Review: The Journal of Avery Moore - Michael R Hicks
Book Review: Three Weeks to Say Goodbye C.J. Box
Book Review: The Man Who Cycled the Americas _Keep Your Heart Big
Book Review: The AI War - Stephen Ames Berry
The £0.99pence $0.99cent-kindle-book
Book Review: Caspian gates (Warrior of Rome 4) - Harry Sidebottom (final review)
Book Review: Caspian Gates (Warrior of Rome 4) - Harry Sidebottom (first review)
Book Review: In Her Name - Michael R Hicks 
Book Review: The Sixth Man - David Baldacci
Book Review: Season of The Harvest - Michael R Hicks
Is Best Selling Author Lee Child Selling Out
The Continuing Saga of Lee Child's Jack Reacher
Lee Child Sells Out, or does he?
Book Review: Conquest - Julian Stockwin
Book Review: In Her Name - Michael R Hicks
Books vs eBooks
Reading a Pastime for your Future

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