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Port De Soller Mallorca

Mr Fat

My alter ego, Mr Fat inhabits this page, a 'slightly rotund and overweight individual who is doing his best, without much success, to lose the weight and get fit at the same time.  Any reasonable suggestions to aid and assist in these endeavours should be kept to yourself.....  

Mr Fat:  thoughts for the day Christmas Eve 2014 

It's been a while....

Two Birthdays in one.... 

Cancer Sucks

DEATH CAFÉS and that unmentionable topic

Dying, it really can be frustrating...

Mr Fat: Thanksgiving

Mr Fat: An Update and an End Game!

Mr Fat: An Update 

Mr Fat: Chemotherapy update 

Mr Fat: Chemotherapy, Phase Two

Mr Fat Chemotherapy Day 1 to 3

Mr Fat and the Oncologist 

Mr Fats day at Broomfield

Radioactive Alert!

Update: My meeting with the Nice Doctor

Mr Fat's nice day with the doctor 

Mr Fat Has an Idea

Gies a Pound


Mr Fat gets on his Bike

Mr Fat December 2011 Update

Mr Fat-November Update (Be carefulI started Swearing)

Mr Fat and the Doctor

Mr Fat an Update

Your Children are to Fat so you will never see them again!

Mr Fat Needs a Bra

Mr Fat and the Exerciser

Mr Fat has got the hump, again

Mr Fat has got the hump

Mr Fat isn't so fat anymore