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Port De Soller Mallorca

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This is where I just ramble with anything that pops into my head, or where I give space to all the humorous things that folk send me, if you have anything you want posted, send it to me...

A Fathers Love
Another Dream 
I had to share - A Dream 

TGI Fridays - it was pretty average 
It's only been 38 years .......

Dinner and Ballet at The Royal Opera House 
A Relaxing DayA wee break from the gloom of the UK
What makes you feel worse than being told you're dying?
What a Year 2013 was!
Can you do anything, if you try hard enough?
Lunch on the Thames....
Don't Mess with an Old Lady!
Son-in Law having a funny turn, or is he?
Police work must be entertaining as well as dangerous.
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Our Great Days Out Part 2 
Our Great Days Out  Part 1 
You've gotta love our Canadian Cousins for these gems!
To lighten your day, or to scare you!
As Jules Said,  (Not So) Freaky .... - Best Moments Award 
Saturday with Ishbel A Walk in the Woods 
Our Boss!
An Apology and A Post [SPA DAY]
A Wandering Cloud 
Guest Blogger: Shannon Ing - My First Concert
Commemorating 2012!
Memories of a guilty past
A Ramble 
It's Christmas, enjoy.....
50 Shades of .....
Woman who doesn't like to shop!
Still in the doldrums, but...
It's been a while
A Dreary Day
Hi, Hello and Good Day...
Bruce Willis - Apple Terms and Conditions
Julia and Oscar
For the Zombie ladies, Penny, Julia, Jaye and Zcomposition
Bits and Bobs
Dear Anonymous
A Nod from The Big Yin 
London 2012, The Closing Ceremony
Morning Sunshine: Butterfly's and Spider
Five Rules to Remember in Life
My Day in London for a peek at London 2012
The Gold Urinal
Two Paddys
Steve Jobs
Mayonnaise Jar & Two Beers...
My take on London 2012 Opening Ceremony 
What's in a dream?
An Abrupt End to Life!
I'm Gonna Be Rich!!!
Australians do seem so forthright
Super Heroes, Sporting Heroes and ME!
Now what did I do!!!!!
Who Do I Turn To...
Our Day - 17th April 1976
A day in the life of our garden
An Italian ConfessionA Scottish Sinner
Ode to Julia R Barrett
Virginia Waters England
Kids, Religion and Food
An Anniversary Post
Why children should ALWAYS be killed off in the first scene
Did I tell you I Hate Pigeons! But are they afraid of being turned into Zombies?
They Walk Amongst Us, They Really Do!
Saucy Little Snow People!
Liebster Award, WTF!
A Gift for a Girlfriend
His and Her Diaries and @RachelintheOC may be right!
If you walk into a Gay bar, how do you know?
The Bathtub Test
I will not F*^%&$ Smile
The Sistine Chapel
There is nothing wrong with mouth to mouth
The Arab and the Scotsman
How to get to Heaven from Scotland
Childs Play
Life is a curve ball and you just cant stop it from hitting you
5 Minute Management Course
Don't Blame Me if You're Not laughing II

2011, a round-up of the year
Christmas Morning
A Christmas Health and Safety Message
A Christmas Conversation in the making....
A Christmas Tale
Somebody Sent Me This Wasn't Sure Whether to Laugh or Cry
Our Day Out at The Dew Drop Inn
Don't Blame Me If You're Not Laughing
Sex in am Brothel - Scottish Style
The £0.99 pence $0.99cent Kindle Book
The Great Sock Debate
My Movies to Watch List
Illness Makes You Worry, But Sometimes Laughter Really is the Best Medicine!
Perfect Beef Casserole with Mushrooms
Perfection is a Dish Self Served
Sweets are Better than Chocolate

What I would do in a Second Life by Mollie Ing
What Would You Do With a Second Life?
Dear Amazon Kindle
My Office Entrance Step
Is 3D Printing.....
Should Virtual Suicide be Outlawed?
Amid the Market carnage ... Apple
My Sunday
My Office
From parachutes to shootings..
An Attack of the Poorlies and why Men need Women
Musical Reflections and I still hate the Osmond's
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Love and Friendship at 8 and 12
School Sports Day
Larry Crowne
Moral Dilemma of an 8 year old
Hi Mum
Is Blogging Easy...
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