Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Junk mail, Is it me - am I just being a tart?

I received a leaflet in the mail at home.  Now like everyone else I do get my fair share of junk mail but it is not normally addressed to the actual home.  Okay it did not have my name on it but it was addressed to my home and that differs from the normal junk mail that you get.

Junk mail is either delivered en masse to homes in a particular area because the company sending it out has paid the Post Office to do a bulk delivery to every home in a particular postcode area and so they do not have to put individual addresses on each leaflet, or, it is stuffed through the letter box by some plonker being paid a pittance on a wet and windy day to stick them in your letter box and you rush to the door open it up with the offending crap in your hand, hold it up so that the delivery agent can see it and then rip it in half and stuff it in the recycling box, in the hope that if they come back with another one they will remember you and not come back through the gate!

That sort of approach seems to work with cold callers from Church of Latter Day Saints and others of that ilk as Ishbel will tell you.  Me, I quite like them coming to the door, because I do like a good debate, where they eventually give up in frustration.  And, do you know, they do take notes.  If on the other hand Ishbel answers the door to them, she is quite rude, now if you actually know my 'wee wife' you would know that that is completely out of character for her but for some reason these people do bring out the worst in her.  So, when we see them out in the street before they come to any of the houses they pull out the little black book and refer to it before approaching the houses.  I am imagining that there are comments from previous visits along the lines of, " No **, Don't Visit, not welcome, unbelievers, will burn in hell" or "No**, Okay to visit BUT if the witch answers the door withdraw immediately BUT if the nice chap answers the door engage WE MIGHT win him round!"

But anyway I digress, back to 'Junk Mail'  I am going to put this one back in the post, do you thing Royal Mail will actually return to sender, and will they get the message? Don't get me wrong I do like an occasional pizza, but can't really remember the last time I had one but I just hate junk mail, and I don't, on the very rare occasion where I have one, order home delivery, and I have never ever had a Domino Pizza, so I do object to them having my address on file!

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  1. once youre on a data base thats it.... Places like Pizza express buy copies of the electoral roll from the council, its just addresses , just recycle it all unopened, (I bet you dont eat pizza anyway !)


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