Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

EDF Energy, I just can't stop myself .....

 Especially when they are being DICKHEADS 

22nd July 2014

Steve Hayfield
Customer Services Director
EDF Energy
334 Outland Road

Dear Mr Hayfield,


Thank you for your letter of 16th July informing me that my direct debit has been cancelled and as a result you are going to charge me a higher tariff for both gas and electric. I’ll wager, as a ‘director’ that you sometimes wish that your organisation was efficient but then you wake up each day to the reality of the situation, groan and head off for another depressing day in customer services!

Ah, well, never mind.  If they were efficient they might well have recorded on your systems that on the day I cancelled the direct debit with my bank, 15th July, I immediately called EDF giving my details to Chris informing him that I was changing to another supplier and that I wished to cancel my DD.  He also confirmed that my account was also in credit to the sum of £311.62 at that precise moment in time.  I also informed him that I was changing over to OVO.

He confirmed that I would not need to provide you with a final reading as OVO would do that.  Now he did seem quite efficient and so I was therefore a little surprised to receive your letter. Oh! Who am I kidding; you’re a utility company, efficient at taking money only,  but totally inefficient in doing anything else!

So, yesterday, 21st July, I provided OVO with my final meter readings, and so that you can pass them along and get a final bill raised and hopefully a credit cheque issued with that bill, here are the final readings for you.

Electric 06071
Gas 08521

By the way, in your letter you ask me to provide you with my new bank details on the enclosed direct debit form, enclosed,  which wasn't and then to return same in the enclosed Freepost envelope, which wasn't, but then these are typical examples of a poor quality service, don’t you think?

Yours sincerely

Tom Stronach 


  1. I love your letters! You rock, Tom.

    1. I think this may be my last one though, haven't even got the energy to be sarcastic anymore :(

  2. Well crap. I'm sorry, Tom. I know how much these letters mean to you.


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