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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Stir - Sasha Brown-Worsham Doesn't write on bathroom walls, Really!

I subscribed to something called The Stir, through my Facebook page and it has had a couple of interesting articles , but more and more I feel like I am reading a newspaper (which I very rarely do these days and I certainly don't purchase any)  that reminds me of The News of The World.

In other words, I am reading a publication that is full of tittle tattle and innuendo with no real merit and the only purpose is to create and make up stories that titillate and serve to feed the need for some members of the public for whatever unfathomable reason who can not resist this kind of rubbish. The latest piece that has provoked my ire is this one Wild Ashton Kutcher 'Love Child Rumour Could be True '

Now, as a rule I do not - and I do realise the following comment will no doubt be met with some derision, but never the less it makes no less of a truth - and that is, that I do not usually read this type of tittle tattle gossip.  Two reasons for that;

1. It is normally spiteful innuendo with no basis in truth and usually ends up hurting someone who is innocent, and in this case the baby who in years to come will have it pointed out to him by some bullying twat that his mother had an affair and whoever she ends up with either in marriage or as a life partner and who will probably love the kid as if he was his own,is going to be shouted at with, HE IS NOT YOUR DAD, will be the taunts.  And if it turns out that it was not Mr Kutcher, what has the article achieved?

2. It's about people who I watch and with whom I sometimes enjoy performances from on screen and sometimes not, but I have no real interest in their lives outside of their work than that, except for a few that I follow on Twitter for their witty comments on life in general or that they have been promoting a cause that I am interested in...

Now the short bio of the author of the above piece says this:

Sasha Brown-WorshamABOUT THE AUTHORSasha Brown-Worsham can't decide whether she is a mother, writer, or runner, but is usually all three at some point each day. She has written for dozens of print magazines, newspapers, and websites. She rarely ever writes on bathroom walls."

Now the comment that caught my attention was, "She rarely ever writes on bathroom walls."  But surely that is exactly what she is doing as that is exactly where this type of drivel belongs?

I heard, and I can not either confirm or vouch for the veracity of the information as it was only  an unsubstantiated rumour, that   Sasha Brown-Worsham had an affair about 4 and a half years ago and out of that affair a son was born.  That son is in a very loving home and is dotted on by the person who may or may not be his father!

Now how would the son feel reading that as he got older, particularly as in this case as I just made the whole thing up as I have never heard of Sasha Brown-Worsham, until I foolishly looked at the article she has written full of innuendo and supposition.  I do not know January Jones and I certainly do not know Ashton Kutcher or  Demi Moore and I realise that Brown-Worsham is not the only proponent of this scandalous muck.  We have just seen The News of The World paper in the UK that specialised in this kind of muck raking close its doors and presses and one can only hope that a few more both here and around the world do so as well.  Maybe The Stir is from the same stable, but I am afraid I will not be subscribing to any more stories from it on line.

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