Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Sunday 16 October 2011

Lesley, My Niece has a Grammatical Rant

    • My gorgeous niece, Lesley, had a bit of a rant on facebook the other day. I thought it was relevant to some of the other posts I have read recently, where people have ranted at a blogger for the content of their blog and for the perceived grammatical errors, only to fail miserably in their own use of certain words, as described by the lovely Lesley

    • people seriously - how hard is it to grasp the difference between to, too and two? there, their and they're? were and where? you're and your? its and it's? GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

        •  Ur a gurny xxxx lesley. Maybe some ppl like spelling rong!! We all didnt go to milburn like u, ok!! Some ppl didnt even go to school!! So leave the stupid people alone. Its not their fault!!! :P x

        •  But for most of them, it is! Most of them DECIDED not to go to school! And couldn't be ARSED learning BASIC BLOODY ENGLISH!! grrrrrrrrr! (also, well done on the correct use of "their"! Gold star for you!) x

        •  Damn, straight!! It coz i is cleva!!! But did u notice my on purpose wrong spelling of "rong" ? lol. x

        •  I didn't think that was on purpose and didn't want to draw attention to it...=oP x

        • Tom Stronach I have too nieces who are two bad and sometimes their funny sometimes there' not. Its a shame that their too far away as its nice when where able two see them two laugh at them when their funneee. Oh, LS your a hoot xxxxx

        • I know it was deliberate, but it still makes me want to claw my eyes out and throw them at you. You're lucky I like you. And my eyeballs.

        • Tom Stronach You're adorable and when we were in Inverness you were so cute, Uni has a lot to answer for but I still lurv you too......

        • Lesley Scott Haha, I think you're the only person on the planet who would apply the word "adorable" to me =oP

          Sahra Anne Scott: Forget the spelling! It's the math that frightens me!! I had two customers trying to work out why 10% of £15 was £1.50 and not a fiver!!!xxx

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  1. The problem is you'll get a reputation so, when you make one little error everyone will jump on you :)


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