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Friday, 13 July 2012

British Gas or the Inquisition - is there a difference?

You will recall, that I have made passing reference to those halfwits at British Gas, in the past, well F**k me sideways with a sledgehammer if they are not at it again.

In 2011 we discovered that they had been charging us for a sub meter.  Now a sub meter is, and forgive me if you knew this already, is one that is drawing power from the main meter.  The main meter is the one that the utility company bills on and the sub meter is usually the one that the tenant has installed to check on usage of a particular system or to recharge a sub tenant, but not to my knowledge, never billed by a utility company!

Anyway we took them to the Ombudsman over this, won our case and had all monies plus a small compensatory sum refunded.

Thirteen months later I open the post and get a letter from them about the self same  meter;  This is my response;

13th July 2012

British Gas
Business Renewals Team
Penman Way
Grove Park
LE19 1SZ

FAO: Alan Moody, Head of SME Sales

Dear Sirs,

SITE ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am in receipt of your letter dated 30th June 2012 in regard to ‘ RENEWING YOUR FIXED TERM ELECTRICITY CONTRACT’.

You then go on to state in the opening paragraph of the ‘Renewing’ letter that, “We value your business, and our products, services and customer benefits all reflect our commitment to putting our customers’ needs first.”

The only problem with that statement is that it is bland and so full of buls**t that only the people making it can really believe that there is any truth in it.

You say, “Thank you for being a British Gas Customer” If it was a choice between being your customer and being a victim of the inquisition, where I would be stretched on the rack, have hot pokers stuck into orifices and sharp sticks poked in my eyes, I think the inquisition would be the less painful option in the long term and more preferable too
Come on, really!  It doesn’t matter how big an organisation is; there really must and should be systems in place to prevent you from screwing up all the time, but if you have them, either you and or your staff are ignoring them, as you really don’t give a fig about the misery you inflict on customers and or potential customers, or, you just have no idea how to manage your own systems.  I’m leaning toward both points actually; you don’t give a fig about customers and you have no idea what you are doing!

In regard to this renewal of ‘our’ fixed term contract against reference number xxxxxxxxxx,


We took you to the ombudsman over this property, case ref xxxxxxx, in 2011 AND WON.

Your own Mrs Beverley Booth, based in Leicester, wrote to us on 6th May 2011, full of apologies and to discuss a total refund, and here we are 13 months later with you chancing your arm again attempting to hijack another account that now doesn’t even come under our remit in terms of utility bills, as the property is leased, and by the way I speak with the tenant, who is contracted to another utility company, so you will be getting the same response from him, if you attempt to blag your way there!

Do try getting your house in order, please!

Yours sincerely

They really do make you want to KILLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: 19th July and I still want to kill!!!!!!!!!

Just received a call from Reagan, who sounded as if she was possibly North American, but you know me and accents:

Anyway Reagan, from Customer complaints, who after reading my vitriol laden letter above, took it upon herself to phone me and to apologise personally for the original letter being sent out and to assure me that in regard to the property in question, that it was not under contract between XXX and British Gas and to further assure me that nothing like this will happen again.

Oh dear! Now I know what you're thinking....... well suffice it to say Reagan was left in no doubt what I thought about her assurances as I pointed out I have had these on numerous occasions in the past from British Gas employees and all it does, is make 'personal liars' out of the people making them.  Why, even although you work for an organisation would you offer your personal assurances, when the A***holes you work for are not capable of keeping them.

Why on reading what this guy thinks of you as an organisation, would you take the decision to phone him, rather than just send a letter with a meaningless apology?

I know I shouldn't react to them in the way that I do, but they are just so appalling in their customer service that the thought of actually talking to them, even when the individuals themselves are probably nice people, the company name in itself is just enough to make me want to lash out at them......

She is now going to send me a letter confirming that there is NO ACCOUNT and no doubt make a file note marked in bold DO NOT F*****G phone this man EVER....         


  1. Uh... Yikes! Pushed your button, huh?

  2. Oh Jules, yes, they do it every time
    , they are an appallingly run company and I just can't help myself xxxxxxx

  3. I am about to leave british gas for similar reasons, Like you I have had enough over repeated mail and calls on topics long settled. Any suggestions for a better company?

  4. Morig, I think the two worst offenders as far as Utility companies go in the UK are British Gas and Scottish Power.

    British Gas is the worst though. EDF and E.On seem to be a little more helpful. I have phoned E.On a number of times in the past, and it usually is sorted after one call, if that helps

    Best of Luck

  5. This is the beauty of the age we live in, as one can have a blog and vent.

    I was disappointed with the length of time it was taking to get an order of woodworking books and DVDs from a well known press that does that sort of thing.

    I wrote a scathing review of how they were handling my order. It turns out one of their employees followed my blog. I got a call from the VP of the company. He apologized and they send the items FedEx.

    That night, I wrote a glowing review of how they handled my problem.

    The books and DVDs were great!

  6. Brian, lucky you, I got an anonymous comment on another rant about BG from one of their employee's telling me that the whole ethos of management was, that as they were the biggest of the utility comanie it really didn't matter what there customers thought of them ... Such a sad indictment of the self aggrandisement ethos the permeates through these large companies and sad to say we are at drawn swords yet again ....

    Glad to see you got a result though with your books and DVD's :-)


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