Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mr Fat: Thanksgiving

While we in the UK do not celebrate this particular holiday I thought it might be an appropriate time to say a little thanks for all the support, kind thoughts and well wishes I continue to receive from Family and Friends, far and wide. And, for those of you who celebrate Hanukkah too, here's to a happy one of that as well....

I am still keeping not to bad if just lacking in energy all the time and just want to, or rather am, almost permanently asleep. Many would say that's ok coz if he's sleeping, he's not being irritating, unless of course I am farting and snoring when asleep, but then it's only Ishbel and the family who get irritated by that when I'm asleep in bed or on the sofa during a family gathering... but as I am asleep, I don't care.

So, how have I been, well ,as I said, largely fine; had a scan last week and there is no deterioration in my condition as yet and over the last couple of days I have been waking up feeling as if nothing is wrong with me and I could take on the world but by days end I am so knackered and suffering from a sore back I am almost doubled over.  The scan didn't reveal any clues as to why this should be and wee Olivia Chan my wonderful and beautiful Oncologist at Basildon Hospital is reluctant, at this time, to put me back on Chemotherapy after the last time where I was sinking into an abyss of quicksand and so, wants to keep that, along with radiotherapy and whatever else she has in her wee handbag as a reserve.  Oh, just a point of interest, Ishbel came with me yesterday as she thinks Flirting with Dr Chan and Mel and the other nurses may not be conducive to my overall health, in that continued skelps on the back of ma heed fae her, may not knock some sense into me, but would make her feel a whole lot better, sheesh, I jis cannae win......

Anyway, I am to take some steroid tablets to see if that increases my energy levels and I'll probably end up looking like The Hulk or Mr Muscle and of course that will be problematic too if I bulk up and am even bigger than I am now, sheesh glad I will not be required to carry my own coffin at days end ...... but that my friends is a long way away and anyway apparently there is also a candle burning for me in the Cathedral of the Plains too.

It's 28th November today and that means it's two days to my wee bro Johnny's birthday in Coatbridge on St. Andrews Day, I wonder why he was never called Andrew! And three days to December 1st and you know what that means, FUN and GAMES on the official NORAD tracks Santa site before we get to the 24th of the month and I can sit and track Santa on his sleigh with Mollie, Shannon and Lacey Mae who are arriving on 23rd December to spend Christmas with Ishbel and me, oh the excitement is really building to that, especially as Ishbel and I are having so much fun, even if our pockets aren't, while doing the Christmas shopping and NO Jennifer and Mollie I will not be wearing a onsie for Christmas ...... but you may bury me or burn me in it if you like, regardless of what mother says and if you do I want an open casket ........ It's the only time I will be seen in one and Jules, no comment required on that one thank you very much .

Well, that's it for now, sorry to all those blogs and tweets I haven't been visiting I am trying, hush your mouths, I meant trying to visit not trying your patience, sheesh a jis canne win ...


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  1. I love you, I love your family and I wish you were here. Glad you're on steroids! Yum! Talk soon.

    1. I love you too, Now would you please STOP meeting up with drug dealers and mountain lions in the wilderness. for goodness sake woman...... xxxxxx

  2. Tom, you and Ishbel will love doing all the arts-and-crafts kits you bought on your recent shopping expedition. It's a good family activity, and you have grandchildren who will love making these memories with you.
    I wish you could see the inside of the Cathedral on the Plains. Every immigrant family settling land in the county contributed 2,000 lbs. of stone-post rock they cleared from their farm land, and this was used to build this amazing church on the plains. Now the generations following them remember this and preserve the tradition for the next generation. And yes, a candle is burning there especially for you.
    You "sound" so good, Tom, and I wish you and your family a joyous holiday.

    1. Thanks Marylin, we can't wait for the kids to arrive, I hope they aren't reading this but I think Santa already has arts and crafts kits and spirographs and a tablet and dolls and tea sets and dressing up things and chocolate and popcorn and all sorts of other goodies for the grandkids.

      Feeling great most of the time, last night was pretty shitty and it bugs the hell out of me that most days I am fine to keep working but then in the evenings I feel really icky when I should be relaxing and having fun,,, so much pain last night even had shed a tear it was that sore, but today again, apart from a wee ache in my chest, fine what the hell is going on there, it should be the other way round; but fighting it every day

      I hope you and the family have a great time when the holidays really start Love to you and yours my sweet and keep that candle going for me, please xxx


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