Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Our Great Days Out Part 2

And so our great days out with the grandkids continue as we headed to Adventure Island on two occasions with the two sets of grandkids....

By the end of each day I was really dragging my feet and shuffling along like an old guy but the laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses of thanks are guaranteed to banish any blues I might have been feeling and I am looking forward to many more days like these....

Adventure Island - Holly and Charlie

We started the day, after breakfast at MacDonalds and a trip to hospital for granddad to give blood pre chemo treatment , with a trip along Southend Pier and at 1.34 miles from shore to end of pier it is the longest 'Pleasure Pier' in the world although I really do think they need to change the description,  Since the 'great fire' of 2005 (there have been many more previous to that) all of the 'Pleasure' parts of the pier were never replaced and while it is still an interesting visit when in Southend it hardly warrants the tile given to it having a cafe and the RNLI station and shop so somewhat of a disappointment to visitors who expect to find something else at the end of their long walk or train ride to the end of it! But, the kids enjoyed the trip anyway and Charlie got another Baseball cap to add to his growing collection but for the life of me I can't remember what Holly purchased......

and then it was off to the theme park known as

Adventure Island 

This isn't terribly big (thankfully for me) but they really have crammed a lot in to the available space and the kids had a great time and so did we watching them.  Grandma Ishbel was finally let loose behind the wheel of the dodgems ands she too had a great time - Holly said Grandma was fine but looking at the photos there is one in particular where I think a 'gesture comment' is being made! Charlie and Holly are 7 and have now just made the cut, size wise to get on the 'big' rides and they were both fearless dashing from one ride to the next and back and forth with Ishbel and I trying to keep up with them. it was knackering but worth it....

Holly: Breakfast at MacDonalds and a few games on
their machines to start the day 
Charlie waiting for his pancakes and maple syrup 

Charlie, just let hope it doesn't Bong!

Holly and a Ferris wheel flower display she liked 

Holly and Grandma with a funny hat 
Waiting on the roller coaster to start 

Stomach churning!

A Gentle Ferris Wheel 

Charlie: you can just see the double
thumbs up!

Charlie looked ill coming out of here
Holly, all smiles! 
OH, Granddad! The queues, The queues!

Ha, watch the hat 
That'll teach Charlie ...

 Finally stopped for a break and they ended up in the arcade on the game machines and we thought we were never going to get Charlie of the Pirates of the Caribbean shoot em up. Eventually though and thankfully for me and the girls, his cred ran out and his final score came up where it showed he came 45th on the table out of 1000.  He better not read the next post on Mollie and Shannon's visit though he might not like Shannons' score!


  1. Did they do that stomach churning thing??? That would scare me to death!

    1. Yep, both 7 year olds did it and then the following week 7 yr old Shannon did it with mum Jennifer... I would too but as I am always in a state of near vomiting.....

  2. What a great day, Tom! Nothing like kids having fun--and dragging you along to have fun with them--to put the color back in you cheeks!

    1. They have been great days out Marylin made me forget for a while, I was ill, well nearly anyway


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