Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Thursday, 19 July 2012

What's in a dream?

photo: toonpool.com
Had a dream last night. Had got on a plane and flew to a foreign country and met up with old friends who had emigrated, although now, having woken up, have no idea who they were! 

They were running a little business shop/ cafe' of some description and the country was non English speaking, but, I have no idea what the language was. 

Strangely, Ishbel wasn't with me, that is strange as we never go anywhere, one without the other! 

Anyway, hired a car when I got there and drove to my friends (!) and had tea with them (I don't drink tea) and then it was time to leave.

I got into the car and left but for some reason drove back to my friends and parked up in a different place.  When I got back, the car was gone, assumed stolen. Strange thing is that the hired car, was my car, with my vehicle registration plates on it!

Where I had parked it was in a side street with old granite type block work buildings and lots of people were passing me going back into work.  I tried to speak with them but they just looked at me strangely. I had the car keys in my hand and one of those passing stopped, looked at the keys, looked at me and then pointed to a sign on the wall.  It had a foreign language  and pictograms of a car with a stroke through it and what appeared to be an indecipherable number in glyphs?

That's it, what the heck is that all about then? 


  1. Could mean one of several things-- Your car might be stolen so watch for anyone suspicious.
    It could simply mean you need to be careful where you park.
    But I think the key to the dream is the 'key' or 'keys'. The dream is trying to tell you something and even giving you the solution or 'key'. Now the trick is to figure out what your subconscious wants you to know. I'd love to get a look at those glyphs.

  2. Ha! wait till you see it, you and 'I' might decide to walk.... no one is daft enough to nick it ....

    No one parks next to it thinking' shit, look at the state of that' so no worries there either

    No 3 may be the one it may mean key to a new job and after he who thinks he must be obeyed arrived from London yesterday and got the 'stronach treatment' I may well be looking for one sooner rather than later .....

    Could remember any of he glyphs when I woke up and you're probably right they probably held the key to the whole thing, sheesh


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