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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mr Fat - November Update (be careful I have started swearing)

Well its almost a month since the last update and 20 days sine the Doctors visit, although I have been to hospital for a hearing test. I mention the outcome of that little outing in Illness Makes you Worry but, Sometimes Laughter Really is the Best Medicin.

So what's been going on with Mr Fat?  Well as I said in the last couple of posts although I started this journey of losing weight a couple of years ago now, I was never in much of a hurry to lose the weight, getting fitter was the first main aim. But, I did begin to get a little bit down with the hiatus I had reached and where I was not losing any more weight. Indeed I seemed to be putting a little bit back on.  But, I am over that now and back to my old self with the realisation that it really doesn't matter about these little hiccups.

Ishbel and I don't do a lot of TV these days, preferring to read and listen to the radio but, about an hour ago I grabbed the remote and turned it from the radio to the telly for a quick scan through.  I think it was channel 4 and a programme was just starting, no idea what it was called and to be honest I have no interest in looking it up for you , but we watched 5 minutes of it and switched back to the radio as it was really beginning to get on my TIT.

Some guy who apparently was a one time Fatty now goes around the country to help other Fat people find their inner skinny self and puts them on the road to salvation.  She was 30 something 5 foot nothing and weighed 16 stone.  He too, was 30 something and weighs 27 stone.  Oh, as a side bar it also told us that his father had died in the last year and the direct cause of his death was, go on guess, you know what the answer is, yes you do! Oh, all right then I'll tell you, he was FAT apparently.  Obesely Fat, and this was the main cause of his death.

So, this guy turns up at their house, just before noon,  as he needs to spend a day living like they do, which also means eating what they eat! Now, as they are both unemployed, I wonder why, they do not get up until around noon and so our lunchtime is their breakfast time.  Guess what's for breakfast, no, OK, Ill tell you:  One packet of bacon, One tin of tomatoes, a couple of fried eggs and half a loaf of bread. Washed down with pints of fizzy pop! Oh, did I mention that was one packet of bacon, one tin of tomatoes and a couple of eggs and half a loaf of bread and butter EACH, sorry I should have made that clear from the beginning.

And as the guy is stuffing his face he is telling MR Skinny that he does not want to end up the same way as his father,  well knock me down with a stuffed bacon fucking baguette, what was wrong with that picture.  Well everything was wrong with it. It was absolutely fucking disgusting as the camera followed every mouthful being scooped up and stuffed into the size 27 stone face as he splatters us all with food and tells us he doesn't want to end up like his fucking father.


Now, if you have been following my blogs you will be hard pressed to find more than  one swear word in any of them,  In fact I think there is only one other Fuck in all of the 70 odd blogs that I have written and here I am overdosing on Fucks. (One of my nieces is to blame she told me that one of my rants was missing something, I asked, "What was that", and she replied, "A good Fuck Unky Tom, you really need to learn to let go!") Don't get me wrong I swear like a trooper in everyday life in my working environment, except when in meetings with people I don't know or in the company of the fairer sex.  And, I have absolutely no problem in reading material with a good old Fuck in it either.  It's just that I normally find that I can write these things without the usual barrage of expletives although my favourite blogger is female and her most used saying is 'Mother Fucker', you really should check her out she is always depressed but so, so funny and can be found at The Bloggess.

Anyway, back to the rant, at the point of Mr 27 stone stuffing his face and telling us about his father I had had enough and went back to the radio and my book, but here I am as I could not concentrate on reading with that Fat Fucker still on my mind.

I've been there, well not quite as fat as him, but I was getting there and you only need read my previous Mr Fat Blogs to see the detrimental effect my weight was having on my life and with 5 very young grand children I knew that I was not going to be around for much of their lives let alone Ishbel's, if I kept on doing what I was doing, which was sitting on my arse and eating.  And anyway Ishbel has made my life hell for 35 plus years so I want to hang around for a long while yet, to see if I can even the score (xxx).

So, where is the Mr Fat you have come to know and love from my previous blogs, well October was as we know not the greatest month but we are still getting there.  I did for the first time set myself a small mini target but I have to report, failed by 3 lbs.  I wanted to get down to 19 stone, but have only managed to get down to 19 st 3 lbs but that's fine by me.  Remember I haven't gone on a diet throughout all of this.  I have cut out all of the snacking and eat more fruit and vegetables, but I still eat a proper full dinner and nibble on a bit of chocolate and occasionally get a bottle of coke, but my drink of preference these days is corporation lemonade (tap water).  So, I didn't get to 19 stone but one thing is guaranteed I will be well under 19 stone before Christmas.  The trick is really to get of your bum, switch the telly off and do what I do, WALK.

I have a cold today, no idea why, as I never usually have colds, but have a right old stinker today and I am beginning to look like Rudolph with my nose so bright, so felt pretty lousy all day but I still managed to put in 116 minutes in active walking as well as the odd trot from my desk to various parts around the building.  So even when you are not feeling up to it, still do it, it makes the difference, Although by the end of my 75 minute walk this evening my back was sore, my nose was running and I felt like shit, but I bet I burnt a few calories off, which is what it is all about.



  1. I swear a lot. Makes me feel better regardless of circumstances. That and walking and chocolate. Good luck with the exercise and I like your niece.

  2. Hey Julia, Thanks for stopping by. I honestly have no problem with swearing, although I have never done it in the house intentionally and it is a great source of mirth to my kids if they are visiting and there is an inadvertent slip. But in my work life well that is another story, I have really no idea why that is; must confess though it did feel quite liberating might do some more. And ALL my girls daughters and nieces always have too much to say for themselves LOL why I love em

  3. I try not to swear in front of the kids, but they arent so thoughtful! And I'm not keen on God swearing,its just seems wrong to blaspheme, not that I'm a churchgoer... keep mine to a good, now and then, relevant, well placed, Fuck or Bugger or FFS on txt

  4. HAHA! Glad I checked this one out. Full of wonderful stuff. :) Especially the... F-word. :( I know, I'm a wimp. I may just need a little more time on the internet to "let go" as your niece called it.

    However, around the house is a different story. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but my 3yo knows the cuss words already. He doesn't say them, but he recognizes them. He calls them angry words. Once I called him a goofball and he had to ask me if it was an angry word, lol.

    And yeah, love it when you see somebody sitting there stuffing their face, smoking, chewing tobacco, pounding a soda, bragging about how they got hammered and didn't sleep the night before, and then complain they're run down or sick.

    It's times like those I wish it was legal to slap people. :)

    Good post.


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