Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A woman who doesn't like to shop!

I have told you that Ishbel and I have been married for 35 years, 36 come next April, and before that we were engaged for a year or so, so all in all we have been together for a while yes, yes, I can feel your sympathies for my plight pouring in over the interweb thingy as you read this, how dreadful for poor Tom I hear you thinking,.....

Well, it hasn't been all bad and when I hear some guys moaning on about the monies their other half has spent on clothes, again; I smile inwardly and think of Ishbel....

I will be doing a post on our nieces wedding that we attended in Inverness at the beginning of the month in the next day or two, I know I promised this last week but hey I'm busy so you will just need to put on your Mr Patience coat and hang about, don't worry I'll let you know when it happens....

Anyway, a wedding a BIG OCCASION for the bride and  groom, no doubt about that but almost as big for the guests as well. It's a time to get together with family and friends, some of whom you haven't seen in ages, some of whom you have never met and so you are making up for lost time with those who you know and getting to know those you are meeting for the first time and of course being a BIG OCCASION, you want to do this in STYLE.

So what do most women do, well it's obvious isn't it they go shopping and Ishbel is no different to the rest of you women out there, she goes too, the only difference is that she goes shopping, spends half a day in the local mall and comes home with sore feet and no shopping bags!  Ridiculous I know but there you go.  It's always the same.

Me, What did you get?
Ishbel. You know what, I think I did every fashion shop in there and couldn't find a thing.
Me, Really
Ishbel, Yes, it's ridiculous, all those shops and they have nothing worth buying...
Me, But, what are you going to wear to the wedding then?
Ishbel, I'm sure there will be something in the wardrobe I can wear....

Me, thinking I am sure there is but keep my mouth shut

The thing is, it's always been the same with her and I'm not complaining but it does get me wondering that I have married a woman with a serious defect in her genes, what do you all think....

Oh, just as an aside on the Thursday before the wedding I popped into the same mall to drop Ishbel of at work in the evening.  I then went into the same mall and twenty minutes later - so that's ten minutes doing the shopping, 5 to the shop and 5 back to where Ishbel works-  I turned up at her workplace in the men's suits department of the store she works in and said would this be suitable for the wedding ...

I was walking past the Monsoon window and this caught my eye so I went in and with the help of a delightful lady inside the store I came away with a dress, a clutch bag, a bolero jacket and a scarf, the shoes I passed on as Ishbel doesn't do heels....

And another thing, over 36 years I have bought the odd bit of jewellery for her, she has diamonds and sapphires  pearls, ruby's and god knows what,  in rings, in bracelets in necklaces and in earings, all matching stuff, does she wear any of this, NO, she wears a little bracelet that one of the grandkids made her and an Energy Muse necklace gifted to her from our dearest twitter friends Julia and Oscar, who visited a few months ago from California, and which she hasn't had off from round her neck since she was given it.  Nothing against it or Jules for giving it her but what the hell am I doing buying her all that other stuff for, I ask you ......

so what do you think

How can you not find anything to buy on half a day and I can do it in 10 minutes what's going on.....


  1. Ah, Ishbel, a woman after my own heart. I LOATHE shopping. You might get me into a mall if you push me at gunpoint, but it's not guaranteed.

    You did well, Sir Tom. Ishbel looks lovely. The big burly bear next to her isn't bad either.

  2. Darling Jaye, and she made me shave too and it was cold, mind you it was nice to note that my voice of authority still carried some weight with the car load of bridesmaids and the brides mother, Jeely Jam Jars as she is known to me. When they turned up at the kirk I had sneaked back out for a fag. The car stopped, I opened the door and said, not yet Unky Tom is on a break and closed the door again - they waited, bless

  3. What a lovely post! Ishbel looks fabulous and I agree with her, I detest shopping, never find a thing I like. However you did pick out the perfect outfit - Of course Ishbel has the figure for it!
    And you look happy! Hope the wedding was fun.

  4. Well, looks like there's a bunch of us. I detest shopping. Of any kind. But... looks like Tom did good :)

  5. Jules, it was a great weekend even the 11 hour drive (not done it in over ten yrs) didn't dampen it - and no I didn't use the little banger got a nice one for the weekend and we had a smashing time will do a post o the wedding soon, promise xx

  6. Greta, thanks' I tend to buy most of Ishbel's clothes after nearly 36 yrs I just about get it right, thanks for the comment xx

  7. Yea! Tom! Bravo, well done.

    Ishbel looks lovely in your grand gifts. She really does.
    And you make an impressive couple, perfect for a wedding where the bride and groom need inspiration about how happily they'll be together in more than three decades.

  8. Marylin, too kind BUT then I deserve it LOL xx unlike Ishbel and as the comments show, many other women, I like to do Ishbel's shopping. As you can see she has the perfect figure and I love to see her looking GREAT


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