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Monday, 9 December 2013

Book Review: A LUMBERJACKY CHRISTMAS by Penny Watson

As you may or may not have surmised my interaction in other folks wonderful blogs has been fairly
Penny Watson (c) PennyWatson 
minimal of late, for reasons you are all probably aware of and so, I have just been dipping in and out and sometimes I miss things, like this beautiful little FREEEEEEEEE TO DOWNLOAD vignette of a story from the delightfully Tiara Adorned, Cocktail Loving. Lumberjacky Aficionado PENNY WATSON over on her blog Penny Romance.

Cabin in the woods (c) PennyWatson
Hannah Watson decides to take a sabbatical at Christmas away from her family and friends in deepest snowy Vermont to complete a project she is under pressure to get handed in on January First.     Deciding to go snowshoeing for the first time ever she gets stuck as the weather closes in and thinks she has broken her ankle, cold wet, alone and feeling completely miserable on Christmas Eve.   Rescue is at hand in the form of  bearded Lumberjack hunk, David Green who,  after loading up his chopped wood for his cabin,  is about to drive away when he spots Hannah and comes to her rescue.

As it turns out David is a famous children's author with writers block and coincidentally Hannah is an illustrator for children's books, awe isn't that lovely.....

Well as it happens, yes it was.  Just 17 pages on a word document of smart, easy reading with a dialogue as crisp as the snow falling outside the cabin.  A little schmaltzy but not out of place at all in this story where the two with similar problems, find each other and collaborate to bring each other out of their predicaments, I found it totally sweet, engaging and romantic and for a short Christmassy story, totally loved it

You can download your very own FREE COPY  of this delightful little tale over on Penny's blog HERE

5 out of 5 stars from me


  1. THANK YOU, TOM! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a big glass of eggnog. :^)

    1. Just listening to my favourite show on the radio, The Archers, it's older than me, and they are just having some eggnog as they kill pluck and prepare the turkeys for sale .... so universal

      Love right back at ya and the family for Christmas I can't wait xxxxxxxx

  2. You gotta love beardy Christmas schmaltz from smart mouth Penny Watson!

    1. It was a sweet wee one, our Penny is super cool, isn't she ........ xxxxxxx

  3. Glad to meet you, Penny Watson! Not only did I enjoy "LUMBERJACKY CHRISTMAS," but I sister-in-law glammed on to it, too, and then so did her cousin who was supposed to be helping make dinner but instead curled up with the laptop.
    She ended up doing all the clean-up work after the meal by herself, but she said it was worth it!


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