Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Monday, 28 April 2014

A Fathers Love

Saw this on twitter and just had to share it with you, beautiful, moving, touching.  An elderly father and his grown up son, sitting in a garden .....

It reminds us that patience and love are two of the core essences of our being, or at least it is for some!  Personally, I hated my father and was glad when he died and there is not a forgiving bone in my body towards him, I still do not miss him today.

For me, it is a reminder that some dads can be loving and thoughtful and still have patience when their kids get a bit grumpy, like we all do from time to time.  And I hope that my kids think of me in that way even although I recognise that at times I was not the best father in the world......


  1. Some dads and grandfathers like you, my dear.

  2. Some dads don't deserve their children's love and respect...but you, dear Tom, do.
    Dads--and grandpas--who are wonderful with their children and grandchildren even though they, personally, never had good dad/grandpa role models, are exceptional men. And you are definitely an exceptional man.

  3. Julia/ Marylin, you are both awesome ladies to have as friends and your comments always cheer me up when I am feeling less than at my best, thank you.

    A reminder to me of how my kids do I think love me was last Sunday, Fathers Day here in the UK. Usually our kids are so busy with work / family commitments that they cant always get over to see us on either Mothers or fathers day but they always make the effort to face time or skype with me and Ishbel on those day

    Ishbel and I were in the front garden on Saturday night chatting with our new neighbours of a few months who have a six yr old girl, Scarlett and a 3 yr old son, Aiden who had just been in to borrow a handful of childrens DVD's as a gift from me after I ambushed them earlier in the day with water pistols and soaked them (for making to much noise ;) . And as we chatted I saw Barry the hubby looking over my shoulder and smiling and as I turned round to see what he was looking at there was Marie coming up the path to surprise me for an overnight stay to be with me for Fathers day, you can imagine my blubbery eyes ... nuff said xxxxxxxx


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