Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Saturday, 19 April 2014

I had to share - A Dream

"I just woke up from a nap about being lost in South Ockendon. You lived at a house at the top of an enormous hill which required traipsing up a bajillion steps to reach you. After being lost for hours, I'd finally reached these steps and knew I was close. I then had to battle an intricate arrangement by one of your psychotic neighbours:
In order to pass their house, you had to squeeze between a wall and a cemented-down wire fence, behind which their 2 enormous rabid hounds prowled. To make your way through the dogs you had to delicately reach (without losing your arm to aforementioned mutts) and trip a system which automatically shot hedgehog prickles at them, dropping them instantly like elephant tranquillisers. I was in the middle of manoeuvring this last task when I woke up"

One of our beautiful gorgeous nieces had this dream,  Iv'e no idea why she was finding it so hard to get to our house for gods sake ever since my impending death was announced EVERY BLOODY PERSON ON THE PLANET WE KNOW HAS BEEN VISITING AND I'M NOT BEING ALLOWED TO DIE IN GOD-DAMN PEACE ......... ;))))

And doesn't she have a fine turn of prose? In fact this was her latest Face book entry and all I will say is, if you are tempted to comment on this post, beware of the warning .....

Please. Everyone. Just...learn to fucking spell.


  1. I suspect you are the hedgehog. Ishbel may be the rabid dogs. Or vice versa. When was this wedding with the gorgeous niece and her amazing wedding dress? Do you really want us to leave you in peace? I don't think so...

    1. Yes, Jules we know I can be a bit prickly but I think Ishbel will say prickly and rabid. Yes I did promise a post on the wedding, it was December 12 when I was feeling lousy and before I eventually went to the doctors. I had to get up and leave in the middle of dinner afterwards because of an attack, that's when I thought it was a hiatus hernia, remember? And then I never got round to it. I did do that post about Ishbel hating shopping and spending all that time in the mall and coming home without a new outfit and then it took me 10 minutes to buy her the complete ensemble!

      NO, my sweet, you know the answer to that last one xxxxxxxx

  2. Somehow, Tom, I think maybe you're both the hedgehog AND the rabid dogs, but you can be whatever you want to be. I love the wedding picture!
    When my uncle was dying of pancreatic cancer, he said what you said about everyone coming to see him. My aunt smacked his head (gently) and told him to enjoy every minute, that it was good preparation for Heaven where all his siblings and family and friends were waiting to welcome him there, too.


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