Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Love and Friendship at 8 and 12

Mollie, our oldest grand daughter came over today and is staying over night with dad, Steve, mum, Jennifer [my wee baby) and her sisters Shannon who is 5 and Lacey Mae who is 3 months.

We were over at theirs on Thursday last, you might recall it , it was Mollie and Shannon's school sports day.  Well, after the sports day was over Mollie had been pestering me to cook her something over the last couple of times she had visited here, and I hadn't gotten round to it, so, as a special treat I decided to cook her favourite: Seafood containing prawns, squid, mussels, and scallops, cooked in fresh garlic, fresh ginger, lemon, butter and lots of parsley, served with pasta.  This was followed with fresh fruit  of strawberries, raspberries, peach, and grapes  served on broken meringue with a dollop of extra thick double cream.

While I was preparing the meal one of Mollies Bestest friends came into the kitchen with her, usually Mollie would help in preparing and cooking the food, but on this occasion as her friends were around she just popped in to see what was happening.  As I said, she had her friend with her and before Mollie could introduce her I asked her what her name was and she replied, Livi.  They both had a look at the seafood resting in a bowl and then Mollie suggested that Livi smell what was on the plate, the plate contained the chopped and grated garlic, parsley, Ginger and lemon, and both gave their seal of approval by stating it smelt wonderful. Ah, it's always nice when the chefly doings are appreciated.  Mind you even if they don't like what has been served up, the rules is: Grand dad cooked it, so we have to eat it! works a treat, nothing gets thrown out.....

Anyway leaving me to get on with the prep, Jennifer then came into the kitchen and asked what the girls were eating, always give a little sample to whet their appetites, piece of fruit, says I, why? Well I asked Livi what she was eating and she said she didn't know, but that she had got it off granddad, so it seems I now have an unoficial granddaughter to go with the four I already have, no probs, the more the merrier...

Long story short, it seems that after we had the meal and after Ishbel and I had left to return home, Mollie and Livi had had a little disagreement, a misunderstanding, whatever it was we don't really know what it was about and we haven't pried to deeply into it, but these things happen at that age, well at any age really, we have all probably been there at least once, haven't you? And do you know, sometimes little disagreements can turn into big disagreements and end up in great  friendships and even loves being lost, because neither side wants to say they are sorry, age old tale, isn't it?

But once again maybe some parents out there are doing things right and instilling in their children, that there is a right way to do things in life, especially where your friends are concerned.  And if they are doesn't it just make you feel better, that life isn't all bad, that with all the bad news that we are drip fed every day, some days it is a deluge, but some days a little ray of sunshine appears in the form of a nice story that you have heard or has been related to you, and you just want to smile?  Well, I think this may be one of them.

At 7 AM on Friday morning, Jennifer heard the letterbox, now if you live in the UK that is far to early for the post man, and they do not take a daily paper, so wondering what it was she went to investigate and found this handwritten note, as seen below had been put through the door.

I f you haven't been able to read it let me do it for you:

To Mollie Ing

The very special thing! To me your amazing, I would laugh for you.
Smile for you. Play with you, and Love you and this is our story read and listen carefully!

Mollie: Am I pretty
Livi; No
Mollie: Do you like me
Livi: No
Mollie: Would you cry if I walked away and never talked to you again
Livi: No

You may have heard enough, but there is more.

Livi: Yor not pretty, your beautiful! And I dont like you; I Love you! And if you walked away & never talked to me again I wouldn't cry, I would die.
I love you Mollie till the end of time!

This picture is a smile for you [to] keep.
It ....... & the smile will last forever & I will always be there to love you !

From       Livi

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