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Port De Soller Mallorca

Monday, 11 July 2011

Mr Fat has got the hump.....

I wrote a blog in June telling you that Mr Fat is not so fat any more and how quite proud I felt of myself in achieving, albeit ever so slowly, to lose 31/2 stone in two years.  That's 49 lbs in two years.  Slow, I know but apparently they do say the slower you lose it the longer it is to put it back on, here's hoping.

Now if you look at my twitter feed at @tomstronach and then into my twitpic links in particular you will see that while I am losing weight I am managing to do this without going on any mad dieting regime.  I still enjoy my food and the odd bar of chocolate, unlike my skinny other half whose gorgeous nose is always buried in a trough of food or 'another' bar of large dark chocolate, and whose weight never seems to vary, b***h, only kidding my lurv.....

Anyway, what Has Mr Fat got the hump about I here you ask, well I'll tell you. Other Fatties who are clearly to lazy to do what needs to be done for themselves and then after gorging themselves for whatever reason, expect the rest of us to pay for them to have an operation on the national health to make them skinny again.

I picked up on an article tweeted today from the The Guardian about a 62 year old ex policeman who weighed in at 22 stone, that's a stone and a half lighter than I was.  Now I may be wrong here, won't be the first time, but the article does not point out how the chap managed to get so heavy in the first place, was it because he was a lazy sod, stuffing his face and then sitting on his bum in front of the telly and stuffing his face while he did so.  Was the local shop a five minute walk away, and like me did he sweatily manouvre himself into the driving seat before wheezing the final few yards to the shop door and back into the car for the long five minute drive home......  I don't know, or was it because he had a medical condition that prevented him from DOING ABSOLUTELY NO EXERCISE  AT ANY TIME WHILE HE CLIMBED TO THAT WEIGHT? I just don't know, so, this blog is not a comment on him per say, except for the fact that he is demanding that me and others who pay taxes, pay for his remedy to try and fix the problem.

What is his remedy, well it's to try and force his local Primary Health Care Trust, who have already turned him down, into giving him a Laparoscopic gastric bypass.  As they, the health trust, have previously turned him down, his lawyers are now launching a challenge in the Court of Appeal, claiming that the original decision has breached their clients human rights.  Now, as I say, I do not know this particular chaps circumstances, but we all know that there are plenty of obese, and like me, morbidly obese people out there who got into the situation that we find ourselves in through no one else's fault, but our own.  And we also know that plenty of them then expect their local heath trust to sort the problem out by giving them surgery.  Now if the health trust refuses is that a breach of the patients human rights?

What about the Human rights of the people who live with us Fat Git's, what about their human rights being abused by us as we sink deeper and deeper into the furniture as it fights to cope with the ever increasing weight. What about lying next to Mr or Mrs Fat as we  snore grunt and sweat in the night, disrupting their sleep and making their lives miserable, is that not a breach of their human rights. Who is going to take up the cudgels on their behalf , and is it for the courts to determine that your partner, under these circumstances, is affecting the human rights of the partner and then to go on and make a ruling consigning all us fatties to 'fat prisons' of course it isn't.

When you got married or started living with Mr or Mrs Slim did you think you were signing on, regardless of, 'for in sickness and in health' I don't think self inflicted obesity is or should be covered by that statement, do you?

As I said in my previous blog, well not exactly these words but the sentiment was there, I had a bit of an epiphany. I suddenly realised after gradually getting bigger and bigger, sweatier and sweatier and being unable to sleep properly and being a right miserable bastard, that I had to do something.  Ishbel would keep saying your fine, but I wasn't fine.  I enjoyed seeing my grandchildren but resented it at the same time because I was expected to do things with them and the slightest exertion was making me sweat buckets and wheeze uncontrollably, so something had to be done.

The car was given up, and slow gentle walk were the order of the day. It meant getting up earlier in the day, to be able manage the walk to the rail station.  It meant walking to the shops.  And gradually over the next two years the weight began to come down slowly and the fitness level started to increase.

I now can walk comfortable for a couple of hours and I am not wheezing or sweating like a river in tidal flow.  I am even back to driving as I can bend the body into it, BUT I still walk to the shops, rain or shine and I have a small step exerciser that I use as well as going for at least an hour  or hour and a half walk each day, whether I feel like it or not.

I don't car how long it takes me, but I am going to keep it up, why because it is good for me and for my wife, my kids and my grand kids.  It is also better for those I work with as I not as miserable as I was now that I am obese and not morbidly obese, although probably I still am the latter, but like every thing else it is the mindset and getting into that is the first step to helping yourself rather than crying foul and expecting others to do it for you.

Best Wishes 

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