Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Christmas Conversation in the making

Well it's only a few more sleeps until Santa arrives with his usual array of gifts for the whole family. 
Our Garden 2010 

The five year old twins are on there way down from Northampton with Mum, Marie our eldest daughter, with whom we have spent the last couple of Christmas days with.  This year they are coming down today and going home later and we will then see them again after Christmas when we have them for a few days over  Hogmanay, but as is usual on Christmas day, we will have 'long conversations' on the phone with those we are not spending the day with.

If this year is anything like previous years, when we do get the grand children on the phone, the 'long conversation' will take the form of both them coming onto the phone and we will ask, " And what did Santa bring you today." The response will usually be along these lines (take a deep breath and, begin.............


Holly and Charlie and Mum and
and all in one long breath and the happiness and excitement in their voices as they try and remember what they got and from whom, just makes you realise that there is nothing like Christmas through the excitement of your children and your grandchildren to make you forget any problems that you may have, for a short time anyway.

Shannon and Mollie
Brian and Marie 1982 "Thanks Sis"
So, if you have children and grandchildren, make the most of the day.  Forget, for the day, that you have the mortgage or the rent to pay. Forget, for the day, 

Jennifer and Me 1986

that letter on the side demanding the utility bill or the phone bill.  Forget for the day, that your year might not have been as good as you had 
hoped and whether you 
are religious or not enjoy the Spirit of the day. 

 A day for family, for friends and for good thoughts.  And even if you couldn't afford to give as much as you may have wanted to, I think you will find that whatever you gave and to whoever you gave it to, 

they will appreciate and love it, whatever it was.....
Ishbel looking happy 1986 

As for us, Ishbel and I, we have the other three grandchildren, Mollie, 8, Shannon 5 and Lacey May not yet 1, and of course the biggest kid of all their Mum and our youngest Jennifer and her partner Steve.

Brian and his partner Nick will be spending the day at the Dew Drop Inn, no doubt serving up some festive cheer for those out for  a walk on the day.....  so whatever you are doing, to our friends and families and to the many new friends we have made this year through Twitter (and if you are an author and I am waiting for your next book, you too, may have today off, but get back to work tomorrow).......

Merry Christmas 



  1. I am mildly envious as I am still being denied access to my grandchildren, so in order not to become bitter and twisted at the loss of a houseful of loved ones I shall explore my pagan roots a bit more, and as you say , maybe spend hours on the phone to folk I will not see!
    A trip to the beach to burn something and a roast leg of lamb will do me fine.b
    Be joyful, the world is turning and the light coming back, its the Solstice!

  2. Morig, it's difficult I couldn't imagine not getting to see my grandchildren. Feel for you. Do try and have as Happy Christmas as you can. Tom

  3. Thanks Tom, I will miss them, but somehow I feel them, an extension of myself and my son and one day it will work out, since at present they are young. They know who I am for sure! Season's best to you and yours, keep the blogs coming!

  4. Beautiful! Now I feel as if I'm celebrating Christmas after all. Thanks, Tom.

  5. Thanks Tom, sincerely all the best to you and your family.

  6. Emma, Thank you and to you and yours, have a Great Christmas


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