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Friday, 2 December 2011

Jeremy Clarkson, Should be he Sacked?

Jeremy Clarkson, the BBC Top Gear co-host and professional agitator has done it again, he made a comment about taking Union strikers outside and shooting them in front of their families on prime time TV on Wednesday night.

Now I did not see the show go out live, but have of course seen it since as it has been replayed time and time again.  One Union official stated in the aftermath that they were consulting their lawyers to determine what suitable and appropriate legal action could be taken!

Another GMB Union chap was on TV this morning, denouncing that move, but likened Clarkson to a racist thug who was being allowed to get away with it, they were not his exact words, but that was my understanding of his comments and then commented that as a number of GMB Union members had died over the years, that Clarkson, if his apology was sincere, should show how sincere he was by putting his hand in his pocket and provide financial support for the families of those dead workers!

Seriously people, what is going on here.  Clarkson is a Buffoon and he is a Buffoon who earns his money from being a Buffoon with thousands of people following his every word.

Personally I can't stand him or Top Gear any more.  I have never been , as a guy, much into cars in the way that some are but I always enjoyed watching Top Gear.  It was a show that was dying on its feet a number of years ago and then some bright spark had the idea of relaunching it with The Buffoon and his two puppets, and it was a smart move because their anarchic style of delivery and presenting was totally different and injected some much needed revs into the show.

And it worked, the show is, I believe, the top earner for the BBC and now has been franchised out to major channels across the world. But I fell out of love with it a couple of years ago simply because I thought the three of them should have been arrested on numerous occasions for the stupid stunts they pull on the highways and bye-ways of some of our small British towns where they go out and disrupt people by driving a combine harvester or other mammoth monster into streets that clearly cannot cope with them, and they are still getting away with it because of their 'cheeky charm'.  Well I would like to be in one of those places to firmly put my boot on their asses when doing one of those stunts, if they inconvenienced me...

And through all of this, Clarkson makes his comments, whether on the show, or through his tabloid columns or in his annual book offering for Christmas, like and as regular as Santa Claus, (and his book and DVDs are constant best sellers) about all aspects of motoring and life in general and every comment is 'geared' to cause the maximum amount of  controversy, upsetting the small minded and the petty.

I don't get upset by his comments per say, because he is a Buffoon, and I have not been upset by his latest comment either other than the fact that he still makes them.  But the actual comment, upsetting, not so much.

If you actually watched the whole clip and I would point you to it here on the BBC's iPlayer, but I notice that that episode is not available and has seemingly been removed.  You will see that it was said in his usual booming Buffoonery way as part of a series of comments on the whole strike issue and I believe that offence was taken because a) It was Clarkson and b) it gives the Union the ability to keep going on about their case, which is about as dead in the water as I believe is where Clarkson should be, but that is only my opinion and other than his stupid antics where he and his co-hosts disrupt people in the street by their stunts, as long as you remember he is nothing more than a 50+ Buffoon and listen to him, if you must, in that way, why should you be offended by anything he says.

If we are to follow this to the conclusion that the 21000, so far complainers, want, which is head on a stick in front of TV House (or whatever it is called these days), then we may as well say that comedy shows on TV Radio, in underused theatres around the country, and town halls and, pubs, should immediately stop booking comedians for any performance as most of them have darkly comic sides to them, as we as a species do.  How many of those, have seen or heard of some tragedy and not then heard a ribald joke about it, and have never laughed or at least smiled at it, very few I suspect.  Some are comparing it to the Sachsgate when Russel Brand  and Jonathan Ross phoned and left comments on Andrew Sachs phone concerning his granddaughter.  This is completely different altogether, and does not compare.  Then it was two other Buffoons, but look heavens above another two guys who we pay millions to through our license fees, and 'we' all enjoy and laugh with them for years as they act out the part that 'we' want them to, because they are good at it or they are indeed funny, but then 'we' turn on them because some think they have overstepped the line that was never drawn in the sand for them, because 'we' never put a line there in the first place!

It's a big like the tabloid press in that respect, in that you get what you pay for' and while viewing figures for TV or listening figures for Radio, continue to outstrip all of their competition, then maybe the Unions should be asking for the name and addresses of all those people who turn up to watch the shows that they are in, can be taken to task as well, because it is those people who go to the recordings of the shows, who tune in on a Sunday night or buy the books and videos, who are guilty of allowing the Buffoons, to continue to do what they do.

And when the Unions and their Army of outraged members track down the viewers and find that a large proportion of them might be union members, what then.  Or here is another idea, why doesn't the union responsible for the men and women who man the cameras, who hold the sound mikes, who push the buttons in the control rooms, boycott the shows that these Buffoons are involved in, no, ridiculous to contemplate, well yes it is, but then so is complaining about what was nothing more than Mr Clarkson's usual Buffoonery and 'Black Humour'.

Oh, and yes he should be sacked, not for his comment, but the next time he does one of his stupid stunts that disrupts any street in the Kingdom and so too should the producers of the show that allow him to do it.


  1. Have to agree with you, where do you indeed draw the line. Tasteless and buffoon-like Clarkson's comments may be, but this is a country where we value free speech and he, as any one else, is entitled to air his views. I did not view his comments as libelous, nor were they racist or blasphemous just off the cuff thoughtless. We expect this man to 'entertain' us so he will continue to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to feed our needs. Is it not therefore these needs which are wrong?
    As for the strikers... do tell, just why were so many of them out shopping?

  2. Huh! Sounds like some of our talking heads over here. Wow.


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