Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Day in London for a peek at London 2012

I went for a troll around London today as it was the only opportunity I was going to get to see a live event, the men's Triathlon.

It was hardly surprising that I got to see so little due to the astonishing numbers that were lining the streets and, I suspect a lot of them like me, found it impossible to get tickets for events elsewhere and what made that even worse was the pathetic attempts by Coe and the rest of his lickspital crew attempting to justify the reasons for it as being down to seats that had been issued to corporate sponsors who couldn't be bothered to turn up! To save face they then drafted in soldiers to fill the gaps so us peasants sitting at home wouldn't be to angered at this state of affairs.  No problem with soldiers getting these seats apart from the fact that if G4S had got its act together the soldiers wouldn't have been there in the first place, who would they have given the seats to then?

Anyway, from what little I saw the triathlon was shaping into a right old battle but once again for the Home Team with Alistair Brownlee taking Olympic gold, Spain's Javier Gomez taking silver and another Britain, Jonathan Brownlee winning the bronze.

All in all though, as it has been a while since I wandered round town, I had a good day.......  I even bumped in to the American Coach of a runner due to run at 9.45 this evening.  I wrote his name and that of the runner down on a scrap of paper and then promptly lost it it.  It was quite funny as we were chatting in the tube station another group of Americans arrived and they knew each other although they hadn't seen each other for ages and the coaches wife said to me after we got on the tube that it was so strange as yesterday they bumped into their neighbours as well, so, London really is a small town after all .......



Rt Hon Vince Cable MP


  1. You did have a big day, Tom! How fun. Great pictures - even the egg! I walked all over those streets with my daughters a few years ago - constantly saying - look left first. Look left first.
    We were nearly mowed down several times - oh, and an MP gave us directions to Hyde Park. We must have looked so lost!

  2. I went up a few weeks ago just before the Olympics started. Did you visit the London 2012 shop in Hyde Park?

    I have tickets for one Olympic and one Paralympic event but went up to watch the men's road race. It was busy and you don't see them for long but the atmosphere was great.

  3. Ah Julia, me little feet wee throbbing by the time I got home, but it was worth it. The atmosphere in town was electric and anyway I felt it my duty to take my speciqal brand of grumpiness up there and tell people to 'get friggin out of the way' ....

  4. Toby, No didn't get a chance to get in there....

    Lucky you I would have loved to get in there.

    When I went up to town when the TDF was here it was the same then, (but we always have the recording to go back to) the atmosphere has to be experienced ... thanks for stopping by


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