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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Film Review: Batman Dark Knight Rises

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Well, finally went and watched the movie that every one else has been raving on about.  Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was it the best thing since sliced bread, that every one seems to think, including the delectable Ishbel. Nah.

I can sit through a three hour long movie as well as the next guy I can even forgo the dreaded fag for three hours while watching a movie in the theatre for 90 minutes or even 180 minutes, and did I with Batman: The dark Knight Rises? Nope.

Got a bit bored and went for a pee followed by a a fag, there you go...

I think Batman as a film franchise has run its course.  The first movies were quirky but not quite as insane  as the 1960's TV series.  Then they got silly and not silly as in smiley silly 60's series way but silly in like WTF is happening here!

And we had a procession of well known actors, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney and I am at a loss to say which one was the worst.  I can't bring myself to ask which one was the best, just can't, and then we had Christian Bale.  I don't know what it is about the Batman movies but I can't really come to accept any of them in the way that I have readily, and without question, accepted all of the other comic heroes who have been brought to us on the big screen over the last twenty odd years, including the latest ones, Thor and Iron Man, more I want more of them.

But, back to Dark Knight Rises.  It was Ok, it was an action movie and BANE with Tom Hardy was the highlight.  I think it was the voice behind that mask it was just, well, magnetic, it drew you in and enveloped you and you could actually think that that* voice could make you believe in or do anything it wanted you to: So I suppose in one way the film was successful in this endeavour as I am sure that is what they intended.....

Christian Bale, well take him or leave him, I like his movies (Ishbel likes him better though and I think every time she sees him, doesn't matter what it is, she isn't actually watching the current movie, she is replaying American Psycho in her minds eye!!!!!! I really have to be careful with her, dear reader) but he doesn't bring anything new to the role, for me at least.

I love the gadgets and particularly that cool drive in any direction bike, but then James Bond's gadgets are just as, if not, cooler!

The prison sequence, the flashbacks all got a bit boring for me but it was OK

rating from me 3  out 5
rating from Ishbel 5 out of 5

* sorry Jules


  1. Ishbel's gonna be mad at me but I actually cannot watch Christian Bale in a movie. He creeps me out so bad I want to crawl out of my skin. Thus I can't watch his incarnation of Batman - not that the others were worth watching. Besides, I'm a much bigger fan of the villains - always way more interesting and campy.
    I'm skipping this movie.

  2. Michael Keaton in the first BATMAN was my favorite. Something dark and sexy about him that didn't happen for me in the others. We were going with friends to the DARK KNIGHT RISES, but we're close to Aurora and what happened there broke our hearts. (With that and the fires, it's been a hard summer for Colorado.) Anyway, we agreed with our friends to rent it for their big screen TV when it comes out, and when the feelings aren't so fresh about the murders. On a scale of 1-5, if Ishbel is a 5 and Julia a 1 about liking Christian Bale, I'm probably at 3, so I can wait for this BATMAN on the home screen.

  3. Julia, I'm not as bad as you are with CB, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch him, and you won't be missing much by not seeing this film...

  4. Marylin, Yes Aurora was tragic. It seems that Colorado did have hard times.
    I'm probably about a 2 1/2 with CB. Hope you enjoy it when you do get the chance to watch....


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