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Port De Soller Mallorca

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mr Fat: An Update and an End Game !

So, I started to write this post yesterday morning and was well into it before heading off to see Mr Jayanthi our consultant surgeon and the nursing staff.  Before I go on, and just to lighten the mood I thought I would sprinkle a few cartoons throughout, because while life can sometimes seem hard, there is always something waiting round the next blind corner that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and even make you bust a gut laughing about the sheer absurdity of life!

Angel of Death, take me now, well I thought it was funny and I imagined Ishbel and me in this situation in many years to come but, unfortunately that does not seem to be the case......

So, the meeting Friday.  We arrived at Broomfield in plenty of time for our 2.20 PM appointment only to find Mr J was held up in the wards, me feeling irritated as usual, although not his fault and there are more people than me he has to deal with, it's just that I always have never been able to sit around for anything and there is something about that bloody hospital that apart from the main atrium there appears to be nowhere else inside that frigging building where you can get wifi, aaaarrrrggggghhhhh.  Anyway, I digress.  Mr J welcomed us in, pleasantries were exchanged and then we got into it.  It seems that the Doctor who increased my chances of surviving the surgery, on giving me the results after the recent Cpex test had more than a little over reached himself in the information available and according to MR J and agreed with the Thoracic surgeon who would also be working on me at the same time; my chances of surviving surgery and tumour removal are pretty slim at the most!  Life can sometimes be a bugger, can't it.

Mr J went on to explain that it had nothing to do with my weight, he doesn't care how fat the patient is, he likes to dice and slice into anyone, loves his job, bless, but really it was down to the rest of my major organs not being up to the task.  You'll recall, my first visit to Broomfield showed I had a heart problem, it seems also that smoking since I was 11 has taken its toll on my lungs, who knew,  and during the op they would have to collapse one of them while they were having a good old dig around inside my chest and oesophageal cavities.  It may not have been as bad if I had only allowed myself to get fat but continued to at least keep fit at the same time, apparently my fitness regime like that on the right just wasn't cutting it, Oh dear!

He then went into, in great detail, the problems that I would have if I elected to still have surgery, the main one being that he and the other surgeons really thought my chances of being revived are pretty slim and even if they did manage to keep me alive then the prospects weren't good as it was likely my remaining time could be spent on a ventilator, if I was lucky! "So, I wont, as planned and as I had told everyone, be going back to work within three weeks then, says I........." "Not an option. Says he.  "I wouldn't like to say when or even if, you would be returning to work."

Not good I suspect and many of you are probably beginning to feel sorry for me now, but don't! Enjoy your lives, TAKE MORE CARE OF YOUR OWN BODIES AND LET THIS BE A SALUTATORY  LESSON TO ANYONE READING THIS - TAKE BETTER CAR OF YOUR BODIES WHILE ENJOYING LIFE.

I feel sorry not for myself, well maybe just a little bit, as I really did want, and expected to be around for many years to come. Ishbel and I have only been married for a short 37 years and she keeps telling me that women in her family live well into their 90's even knocking into the century, so while I always expected to expire before her I had hoped for at least another 20 to 30 years of making her life miserable........

Then of course there is Marie, Jennifer and Brian my wonderful kids, even although Brian seems to have fallen out with me for some reason I love them dearly and they make me laugh, often it is gut busting laughter and I in turn, do what all good dads do, I make them groan in despair at another stupid antic of mine.

Mollie, Shannon, Charlie, Holly and Lacey Mae my five adorable gorgeous smart intelligent grand kids who I so desperately wanted to be around to see them grow and develop and get into their teens and go to college and maybe university and then getting great jobs as astronauts, engineers, doctors or computer programming geniuses.  Well I hope they do go on to do some of those things, but whatever they end up doing they should know their Grand dad, him with the big belly and the bald head and the funny face will always be so proud of them and love them for eternity, even when I am not around to see and hug them.

And of course there is family and friends, especially those two bright sassy nieces who terrorise the populace of Inverness on their nights on the town and who can reduce people to speechless dumbassidy (new word) by their witty, cutting and cerebral retorts to the more idiotic of the human species who have the misfortune to be dumb-asses when the girls are around.

Brothers and sister.  We have never been a particularly close family, splitting to the compass points as soon as we were old enough to leave and make our own way with only Jim, the one above me keeping in occasional contact, that's the way it is with some families but there should be no regrets on anyone's part, it's just the way of the world.

And then of course there are the many wonderful friends, truly wonderful friends I have made on twitter and can I just say, if you are an author and you have been writing a series of books that I am reading and you aint finished that series, if you want your computer to crash at inopportune moments or the lead in your pencil to be continually breaking by incorporeal means - then don't finish the series before I pop off. On the other hand ......... just saying ........

Anyway I'm going to wrap up this with the final thought of by not going for the surgery as I have chosen as I really do not want to go in for an operation in the next week or so in the knowledge that I may not wake up again or even if I do I will be dribbling and comatose and wheezing and being a pain in the arse to everyone who come into contact with me, so I am going to enjoy the next few months or year and get a laugh out of every day and so to should you Get on with your lives, enjoy them, love your family and friends and SMILE, I am

oh and now that we have an end game of sorts I am going to try and be more interactive again on twitter and blogs, be warned .....

Love to you all


  1. It's really difficult to comment because I love you all so much. I can't believe my good fortune. Not only did we meet online, we got to meet in person. You two are the best. Together you've made wonderful children and grandchildren. Like I say every single day... Today I could get hit by a bus. Nothing is guaranteed. We never know how much time we have.
    So... there will be good days and bad days but right now is right now. That's all any of us has.
    Love you.

    1. Jules, meeting YOU and Oscar was the highlight of our year and made our lives all the richer for the friendship we have built. Don't be sad my sweet all in all it's been a pretty good life and the rest of it will be just as good, especially with you in it supporting me along with Ishbel and the kids xxxxxx

  2. I honestly don't know what to say. This is the single-most horrible blog post I have ever seen. You are such a huge spirit, full of life and passion and humor and friendship and love for your family and friends. This is awful news. I am so, so sorry. I agree with Julia. Embrace every day, and enjoy every moment with your family who adores you!

    Sending love and healing wishes to you,

  3. My sweet darling Penelope, same to you: don't be sad either cos there is one thing that is guaranteed if I ever get a bit down all I need do is turn to your posts and blogs for that beacon of happiness and laughter that will just pull me back to reality and life you're a giver of love and happiness and I know you will forgive me as I just keep taking and laughing. Raise a cocktail and celebrate my darling xxxxxx

  4. This is devastating news. It may be time to start asking for a miracle.

    When I was 21 I worked for a guy who was a born again Christian. I'm not too religious, but he wanted us to watch this video he had. He was nice, so I didn't mind. It was about a group of people who had been given less than six months to live...and beaten it. Some of them said it was prayer, others didn't know how, but they all just kept living.

    I'm so very fond of you Tom, and I desperately want you to be around to see how Abby and Stevie grow up (Billy and Badger, too).

    How do you feel about a character named Tom being in the next Secret Doors? He would be the caretaker of the Fire Coterie.

    1. Brian, my dear friend, moving on to acceptance wasn't as hard as it seems. Clearly terrible angst ahead in dealing with the grandkids who know I have cancer and indeed the 7 yr old twins have been on charity runs for various organisations over the last few months, but we have still to tell them, which I am going to do personally along with their three cousins, so that will be a bummer. But, even allowing for the chap who overstated my chances we sort of ne when the last scan didn't show any shrinkage at all with the chemo that things weren't that good... Ah well life does go on my friend.

      A character in a great book by a soon to be famous novelist, what better epitaph could I have xxxxxxx ( hopefully, as I intend to fight every day though, I shall be around for a while yet!)

  5. So so sorry...I hope this turns around for you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Michelle and for your kind thought.
      I am not giving up, the power of positive thinking may yet have an effect and if all my friends and family are sending positive vibes my way, who knows I may survive yet, keep smiling xxx

  6. Hey Tom I am truly sorry to hear this, you were a big influence in my life when we worked together in the Docklands. I speak of you fondly often.

    1. Darren, thanls for stopping by. Don't be sorry mate, SHit happens and it just happened to fall on me so it missed someone else. Thanks for speaking of me so that's wjy my ears are always burning xx


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