Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Is it Me? Football Club Administration

By now, most of you know me and some of those who do, if not most, have, at one time or another asked the question, "Are you dumb, or what?" Well the answer clearly is, yes, I am.

What The F, I hear you asking, why is he suddenly admitting to being a dumb-ass.  Well, I'll tell you.  Lots of things are getting up my generously proportioned snozzle at the moment and I shall probably do a couple of posts this week on them, but one that confounds me is the latest Football (soccer to you Americans ) Club, Glasgow Rangers,  threatening to go in to administration.  It's not the thing about a club declaring bankruptcy that puzzles me, it is surprising that more aren't, with the cost of their over inflated wage bills for prima dona's whose one talent is kicking a ball, with money garnered through turnstiles and merchandising and TV rights never matching their running costs, no, it is the fact that as soon as 'administration' is mentioned we hear that ubiquitous trumpet call for the deduction of points.

Now in the words of our beloved Brucie, "What do points make?" and the audience dutifully responds loudly, "Points make prizes!"  Yes points make prizes, even in football.

If you get the most points you win a prize, top of the league you are competing in, entry to various other competitions, and again depending in the league you are in, a huge chunk of money from the football association for TV rights.  But if you do not get the points, you can end up being relegated to a league below that which you are in, and of course this has an impact on the clubs financially so I have never understood why, when a club who have been mismanaged by it's owners, the various league associations penalise the club by deducting points that could send the team down into the next league and thereby increasing the financial dilemma that they are in. But, ultimately it is the fans who are really being punished, the men and women and children who steadfastly support these clubs every week at the turnstiles buying weekly tickets and expensive season tickets and merchandise and who are passionate, unlike me, about their football, and the people who have mismanaged the clubs, the supposedly super rich owners,and the prima dona's who kick a ball, they walk away, still rich, but untouched by the effects of the administration, where is the sense in that, I just don't see it, but them I am dumb, right.....


  1. I suppose it's meant to be a deterrent. These people aren't exactly geniuses though. Did you see that guy people want to be England manager... the one whos dog opens bank accounts for him. He can hardly say his own name!

  2. Emma, but I still don't see how, and clearly you and the postman know about this because he said the same thing , that it's a 'deterrent'

    But if they've got no money how can they not go into administration and then the job of the administrator is to try and sell it, wouldn't it be better to sell it without the possibility of relegation cos you've just been deducted 10 points? I don't get it. I am clearly to stupid for my own good..

    And yes to the other. Again I have to confess I did not pay too much attention to it but from what little I heard he sounded as guilty as hell to me, but I didn't have all the facts that the jury Had (!!!!!)

    And as for genuises, but isn't it the case in the Americas where 99% of their sports 'stars' come through college sports and they can only get on to the teams if the keep up their grades in education and if you read a bio on any American sports person or manager you will be hard pressed to find one that does not have at least one degree in something or other....

  3. Sounds like our over-paid sports stars. I'm guessing that if you combined the salaries of the top earners in every sport you could finance an entire nation.

    In America most kids complete at least three years of college. Basketball players can be drafted right out of high school - which is bad for them in the long run, especially if they wash out. Football players can be drafted after their third year, I believe. Some baseball players do go to minor league teams right out of high school but this is very very rare.
    I would guess that most kids over here on this side of the pond do end up with a college degree.

  4. Julia, Yep seems crazy that they can afford to pay those salaries every month but can't afford to pay the tax man(revenue) or there operating costs and bills.


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