Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Friday, 26 August 2011

Update to My day in the office

received a phone call today from British Gas Business in response to my e mail yesterday where I called them a bunch of dunderheads.

Dear Ms xxxxx,

You have sent me a letter with the above reference No on it. Addressed to me, with sub name of xxxx (see attached).

You really are a bunch of dunderheads in that organisation. Maybe you would like to give me a little more of a clue as to what this is actually referring to, so that I may file it in the appropriate file.

If it is in fact to do with a unit of a previous tenant called xxxxxx, I last wrote to your company on that matter, I believe, in JUNE 2008, but then the expectation of an early response has long since evaporated.

If it is on another matter and the addressing of the attached letter is just another 'mistake' then that is alright then, as the Great British Public have come to expect no less of such an august body.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course, although I am due to retire in 10 years!

The phone call went a bit like this;

Caller, "Mr Stronach"
Me, "Yes"
Caller, " You contacted us yesterday via email and I just thought I would call to see if we can sort things out"
Me, "Okay, give it your best shot"
Well he went on at length and as it transpired the letter that they sent me giving me a complaint reference number that I thought referred to a previous tenants unit, did not in fact refer to that unit at all.  No, I'll bet you will never guess in a million years what it was about.

No. give in. O.K.

I wrote to British Gas Business in SEPTEMBER 2010, yes that is correct  SEPTEMBER 2010 about another property that they had sent me a bill for for £1400.00.

I wrote to them in SEPTEMBER 2010  and told them that they must be mistaken as the meter and property they were billing for was transferred by me in 2001.

The guy then went on to argue that it did not matter as they had received a telephone call in January 2008 from a named person in the Property Company I work for asking British Gas Business to take on the meter!  I responded that that couldn't have been the case because we have had no control over the meter since 2001.........

And anyway I asked,  if you had supposedly received a call in 2008, why did you wait until 2010 to produce a bill for energy?  He couldn't give a response to that.

I then asked, if I wrote to them in SEPTEMBER 2010 why are they only issuing me a complaint reference number in AUGUST 2011?

I gave up at this point and told him I would get back to him next week.  I am going to enjoy my bank holiday and then tell him, again, what I think of him and British Gas Business, AGAIN!

Utility companies you really do have to despise them......................................

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